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Common Wall Problems (And How To Fix Them)

Walls serve most of us well for many years. Made of brick-and-mortar, you’d expect that to be the case. But sometimes, as anyone who has owned a house for a long time will know, things can go wrong. And when they do, it creates a lot of trouble. 

In this post, we run through some common wall problems and how to fix them. Check them out below.

Your Walls Are Covered In Stains

Stained walls are a big problem. Brown spots, red wine spills and food splatter can all wreck how your home appears. Dirty handprints can also be an issue, particularly when you have sticky substances clinging to the wall. 


So what’s the solution? The first is to clean up splatters as soon as they occur. Wipe them down immediately to prevent stains from becoming integrated with the paintwork. 


Another option is to vacuum or wipe down wall surfaces with a dry cloth. This will remove any dust and, hopefully, leave your walls looking brighter than before. 

Don’t use bleach on your walls. It can cause serious discoloration to your paintwork, even if your walls are white.

You Have Moisture Issues

If you reduce the temperature on your air con too much or you have dark, porous walls, it can increase water absorption tremendously. Wet patches are much more likely to experience paint and wallpaper peeling, pores and cracks, and other issues. 


If you have moisture issues, your priority should be to find out where they are coming from. If you have a burst pipe, you should contact an emergency plumber immediately for a fix. 

If the issue is poor concreting or another structural issue, you may be able to deal with the worst of your moisture by airing your rooms on sunny days when the humidity is low. You can also try using special waterproof paints that prevent the absorption of moisture in the first place. However, you’ll need to make sure that the walls are dry to begin with.

Cracks Are Forming On Your Walls

Walls in most homes have cracks running along them. This happens as properties age and the structure shifts over time. Some cracks are benign, but others can be severe and expensive to put right. 

If you have cracks, you’ll first need to identify the source of the problem. Earthquakes are one possibility, but cracks can also appear following heating and cooling episodes or construction nearby. 


Mostly you can plaster, sand, and paint over small and hairline cracks. However, if they are larger, you may have to call a contractor or waterproofing consultant. 

If you are house hunting, you may want to try tapping the walls to see how they sound. A hollow noise often indicates a risk of dampness occurring in the future.

You Have Pests

Lastly, pests love hiding behind walls. Walls provide them with protection from predators and keep them safe. Unfortunately, it can also result in significant damage to your property.

Getting rid of pests is generally quite easy, but you should do it as soon as you detect a problem.

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