Visiting Brooklyn With Kids (It Can Be Done & Be Fun!)

If you are sick of spending your holidays at a kid-friendly resort where it’s all water slides and snacks bars then heading to one of the most iconic cities in the world for a short break, maybe just be what you are looking for! The good news is there are many ways to make a trip to Brooklyn, New York with the kids in tow that much easier. Read on to find out what they are. 

Plan your time

First of all, if you want to make the most of your trip to Brooklyn it makes sense to plan how you will spend your time. You don’t need to have your schedule down to the minute, but a good idea of where you are going each morning, afternoon, and meal time can help a great deal. 

In particular, remember to plan where you will eat, in restaurants close to your location for that time period. This will save you tramping all over the city, with hungry and tired kids in tow!

Make the most of all your days

Another way you can get the most out of your trip to Brooklyn with the kids is to make sure you get the most out of every day. The good news is there are several things you can do to achieve this. 

The first is to take a folding stroller if your child still needs it, so they can nap, as you move from location to location. Secondly, why not choose accommodation that is bed only, and then head out for breakfast each day? After all, starting the day with a classic New York diner with a stack of pancakes and sausages can be a lot of fun. 

Additionally, if you find you have a specific check-in and check-out time in your accommodation, you can use services like these luggage lockers Brooklyn to store your suitcases. Then you will be free to move around unencumbered and make use of that time to do fun things. 

See the sights and save their little legs

You can also make your trip to Brooklyn easier by booking a bus tour of the district, which means you will get to see all the most iconic sites such as the Promenade, the Hotel St. George, and the Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, the Barclays Center where the Brooklyn Nets play basketball. Ebbets Field where the Brooklyn Dodgers once played. And famous Brooklyn movie locations like The Godfather, Moonstruck, and As Good As It Gets. All while staying dry, and warm and saving everyone’s legs.

New York Transit Museum

Another great location for families with kids, when they are visiting Brooklyn, is the New York Transit Museum. Located in Downtown Brooklyn just a three-minute walk from Borough Hall station the New York Transit Museum is full of interesting and educational exhibits on how they built the Subway, as well as old train cars like the BMT Q CAR NUMBER 1612C from 1908 and the BRT BROOKLYN UNION ELEVATED CAR NUMBER 1407 from 1907. Indeed, the latter looks more like a tram than the type of cars we see on the subway today! 

Overall, the  New York Transit Museum is a definite must for all train enthusiasts and history buffs alike.  Oh, and it’s only $10 per adult and $5 per child, or senior citizen. Bargain!

Stay fueled with pizza and donuts

If there are two foods that NY is famous for its pizza and donuts! Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for most kids, instead, the cheesy, tomatoey, and sweet dough-based products will be enthusiastically consumed and keep everyone well fueled for walking around the city. 

When it comes to Pizza there really is only one place that you have to try and it’s Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, 1 Front St, Brooklyn. This legendary restaurant has everything you would expect including red checked table cloths. Just remember you can’t pay by card, and there’s no ordering a single slice. It’s a full pizza every time at Grimaldi’s

Donuts on the other hand are on offer all over the city. Of course, there are the chain stores like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, but I’d encourage you to try some of the more independent bakers and retailers like the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop on Manhattan Ave where they offer some very unique options like their smores, cream crumb and toasted coconut varieties. 

Then there is the Fat Donut located on Malcolm X Blvd, where you can get maple, matcha, and cinnamon apple donuts! Yum!

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