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4 Ways To Overcome Stress & Anxiety As A New Parent

Being a new parent is an exciting time in your life and you likely are feeling a lot of different emotions. You may also be experiencing more stress and anxiety than usual which is normal.

Know that you’re not alone in your journey to having a lot of mixed feelings as you enter this stage in your life. Taking a proactive approach is best so that you can manage and try to reduce it over time. Here are four ways to overcome stress and anxiety as a new parent so you can feel your best and gain more control over your actions, mood, and words.

1. Establish A Support Network

Overcome stress and anxiety as a new parent by establishing a support network. Reach out and let others know what you need and then accept help from them. Find other new mums who can relate to what you’re going through and ask them questions and bounce ideas off of them. There may be people who you want to meet with in person and other times you might want to go online and get advice from these types of remote mum groups. You may even be able to form lifelong relationships with some women which can be a rewarding experience.

2. Keep Physically Active

Exercise is one of the best ways to overcome stress and anxiety no matter if you’re a new parent or not. Be sure not to slack in this area and stick to a workout routine in your mum role. Hold yourself accountable by joining a gym or signing up for ASFA’s group fitness certification and becoming an instructor. Keeping physically active will not only help boost your mood and outlook on life but you’ll be able to get into better shape as well which will improve your confidence as a new mom.

3. Make Time for & Communicate with Your Partner

Overcome stress and anxiety as a new parent by making time for and communicating with your partner throughout your journey. Talk about splitting up household chores and other responsibilities that need to get done so you’re on the same page and both pitching in. Remember to also nurture your relationship and make time for each other by going out on dates and being fully present when you do sit down to discuss an important matter such as when you might return to work or not.

4. Focus on Rest & Sleep

It won’t be easy to get rest and sleep as a new mum but you should still make it a priority. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are tired and need a nap. Also, try to rest and sleep when the baby is sleeping, and don’t wear yourself out too much during the day. Get some fresh air by going for walks and continue to exercise so that you feel sleepy when it’s time to go to bed. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel moodier and out of sorts so be sure you take good care of yourself first and foremost.

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