Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation. Not all the time of course; sometimes you will want to have lots of raucous fun playing with your kids or having friends over for a nice dinner party and a few drinks, but at the end of the day, you should be able to flop down and let your mind wander into a relaxing realm.

If your home is not exactly as relaxing as it could be and you find it hard to switch off even when there are no kids to distract you and no work to be done, then you need to set about making your home a more peaceful place. The ideas below will help you to do just that.

Do some serious decluttering

If you want your home to be more relaxing, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any unnecessary clutter. When your environment is cluttered and messy, it is much harder to switch off. Your brain will be messy and cluttered too and you won’t be able to relax and watch a movie because you’re thinking bout the pile of magazines that are messing up the table or the kid’s toys which are posing a trip hazard.

So, if you do nothing else, take the time to declutter the house one room at a time., If you cannot bare to get rid of things, then you can always visit the box shop, rent a self-storage unit and keep your stuff at a separate location, so there is nothing to lose by carefully evaluating everything in your home and deciding where it really needs to be there; whether it enhances your life, or not.

Repaint it

Some colours are inherently more relaxing than others, so if you want your home to feel more calming, then it might be time to reevaluate your choice of paint. If you have used lots of loud colours on the walls, then taking things back to more muted tones, like white or cream, or using colours like sky blue and first green, which are typically found in nature, will help you to relax in your space with much greater ease.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are naturally relaxing because they are part of nature. Numerous studies have shown that nature can calm the mind and soothe the body. Alleviating anxiety, and high blood pressure amongst other things, so it makes sense to have a bouquet or two prominently displayed in your home along with as many house plants as you like. Try to have something natural in each room for the best relaxation results.

Use the rule of threes

When it comes to accessories and decorations, grouping them together in threes has been shown to be the most pleasing to the eye, and can therefore lead to greater levels of relaxation. So, from crowded candles to precious knick-knacks, display them in a group of three from now on.

Cushions and blankets

There is nothing more relaxing than being able to snuggle up under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night, so it goes without saying that, if you want your home to be more relaxing, you need to fill it with lots of blankets and cushions that will enable you to get comfy and stay snug no matter what. Especially at this time of year. Even if you aren’t using them, just seeing them there all plump and fluffy will make you sight in contentment.


Whether you love scented candles or aromatherapy diffusers, making sure that your home smells good is a great way to aid relaxation. Some scents, like lavender and bergamot, are naturally relaxing, so they are always good choices, but just ensuring that your home is filled with your favourite scent, whatever that may be, can go a long way to helping you unwind after a long day too, and a house that smells amazing is just better.


Candles are great because, not only do they make the home feel warmer somehow, but the diffused light they emit is more romantic and relaxing than harsh electric lightbulbs, so be sure to have a few candles dotted around for those times you really want to get your relaxation on.

As you can see, there are lots of simple changes you can make to ensure that your home feels much more relaxing, which will enable you to kick back and find more peace in your life, so what are you waiting for?

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