The Best Holiday Destinations during the Winter Months

The Best Holiday Destinations during the Winter Months

For most of us, it’s almost the default option to take a holiday during summer. It provides a chance to lounge beside a pool, or to enjoy the seaside and sunshine in the Mediterranean. But there’s something to be said for taking a trip abroad when the weather isn’t quite so warm. Winter breaks tend to offer something a little bit different to the average tourist, as well as being that little bit more affordable – if you know where to travel. 

Getting the most from a winter break means knowing where to travel. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of appealing destinations in Europe, and further afield. 

The Best Holiday Destinations during the Winter Months


You might readily associate Spain with the summer holiday. The country ranks easily as the most popular destination for Brits, and most of these trips are taken when the weather is scorching. 

Malaga is a part of the country that’s actually fairly warm all year round since it’s sheltered against the extremes of cold by the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy a stay by the sea, and it’s exceptionally vibrant and enjoyable, even if it’s too chilly to go for a dip. If you’re planning a trip to Malaga, then it makes sense to book your airport transfers as far in advance as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary stress and hassle.

Hurghada, Egypt

If you’re looking for a summer holiday, but you don’t want to travel during summer, then this Egyptian resort city is sure to appeal. You’ll get sun, sea and sand throughout the year, and there’s a marina packed with family-friendly restaurants. If you’d like to go snorkelling through some immaculate coral reefs, then you’ll get a glorious chance to do it when you pay a visit to Hurghada.

Abisko, Sweden

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to embrace all things wintry, then what better destination could there be than Lapland? In this national park, you’ll be able to take in the spectacle that is the Northern Lights and generally enjoy a wonderful unimpeded view of the night sky. There’s also the world-famous ice hotel in Kiruna to check out.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We might point you in the direction of any number of European capitals since they all offer a range of special events and festivals during winter time. But somehow, it’s Amsterdam that stands above the crowd. All of the wonderful, cobbled streets and canals are on offer, except that you won’t get quite the same volume of tourist traffic that you do at other times of the year. The city looks truly wonderful when it’s illuminated at night, and many of the best attractions, like the Rijksmuseum, are indoor experiences anyway.

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