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Tips For Living In Your House During A Remodel 

If you’re planning a big home renovation and want to stay in the house while the work is done, you should know what to expect. Staying in the house you are working on can save you money, keep you close by in case the builders have questions, and make the house safer than if it were empty. But it can be hard to do this because of the mess and disruption and sometimes a lack of privacy. 

We won’t tell you it’s easy to live on site, but if you know what it’s like, it will help you prepare mentally and, hopefully, give you some tips on how to live through the renovation. Read on to find out more. 

Designate Specific Areas

If you’re doing any sort of renovation, be sure to properly label and seal off the parts of the house that aren’t in use. You and your family will be protected from the dust, noise, and risks of a working construction site by temporary barriers, detours, and temporary facilities. 

The flip side is that you can put the space in your home that hasn’t been remodelled to use in other ways, such as a second dining room or a place to relax. Make the most of the “under construction” status of your kitchen or master bedroom by trying out some new eateries and relocating your beds to a more peaceful and orderly space where you can get some sleep. 

Find More Storage

If you can’t get into a room, you can’t use it and you can’t store things in it either. Before you start work, make a list of the most important things you’ll need and put them in different rooms where they can be used. Don’t forget to get rid of anything else that will get in the way or could get broken during the renovation. Make sure the things you use most often are easy to find. If there are things you won’t need, consider renting a mobile self storage unit. You can keep everything nearby, but it will be out of the house.

You can keep your sense of normalcy by being creative and flexible. If a renovation or home addition means you can’t use your main living room, for example, set up your home entertainment system somewhere else for a temporary but comfortable solution. Kids’ bedroom unusable? Have them sleep in the basement and have sleepovers. Can’t make food in the kitchen? Change your dining room into a place to cook, store food, and eat.

Get Outside More

Now is also a great time to use your backyard and other outdoor spaces to their fullest. Adding places to live outside could be a big part of your plan to live at home during a renovation.  You and your family can eat, rest, and play outside without worrying about dust or noise from workers. Using your barbecue is also a great way to solve your cooking challenge for the kitchen makeover.

So, before you start remodelling, take a look at what you have and see if you can use it or make something from it. A playground for the kids, a mini-dog park for your pets, a patio and other places to hang out for adults, a barbecue for meals, and shady spots for elderly family members all make a renovation project that could be stressful and inconvenient, more enjoyable and even fun. Let some fresh air into your dusty, noisy, and crowded home improvement project by going outside.

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