Creative ways to store your clothes

Having enough space for your clothes is something that most people dream of, but it can be challenging to find something suitable. You could splash out and have some fitted wardrobes installed to make sure you have everything you need. If this is not an option you may have to resort to some more creative solutions.

Tiered hangers

Hanging items on individual hangers can take up a lot of space. Tiered hangers are perfect for saving space when you are trying to hang thinner items such as t-shirts as they allow you to have multiple items on one hanger. 

You can purchase hangers that unhook at one end and fold down, meaning that all your clothes are hanging in a layered fashion. Not only will this save space, but it will allow you to organise everything in a system. You could organise them by colour or style and use tiered hangers to group them.

Creative ways to store your clothes

Over the door

Many people overlook the storage you can achieve on the back of a door. There are a couple of different ways that you can utilise this space. You could hang an organiser from hooks that go over the top of the door. Typically these have an abundance of pockets so you can store a great deal. You may want to use this for shoes or beauty products. 

Another option is to buy a row of hanging hooks that just sit over the top of the door. Here you will be able to hang bulkier items such as towels or dressing gowns. These hooks are also great for storing winter coats and rotating them according to the seasons.

Utilise under-the-bed space

If you are lucky enough to have a divan bed then you may have all the storage you need. If you have a different style of bed, there may be wasted space that you can use underneath. 

Under the bed can be a great place to store winter clothes such as jumpers, or spare bedding and blankets. To really maximise the potential you may want to invest in some vacuum storage bags. The pump will suck the air out of the bags and shrink down any bulky items. This will mean you can store more in the space.

Vertical space

You can always repurpose furniture that’s meant for another use to fit your needs. For example, if there is a tall, narrow space that a bookshelf could live in, your shoes may have a new home.

If you have space in your wardrobe, you could look into getting some collapsible hanging baskets, Like the door storage, these have open-faced compartments that you can fold items into. As a bonus, these make an easy way to pack outfits when you go on holiday as you can keep each day’s clothes in a separate section and just fold it down into your suitcase.

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