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7 Things That Are Letting Your Home Decor Down

Have you spent a whole lot of time and energy (not to mention money) on trying to make your home look amazing, only for your efforts to fall…well to fall a bit flat? You are definitely not alone. So many of us make so many basic decor mistakes that do our homes no favours. But you know what? By knowing what they are, you can change them and get a home that looks like it’s been designed by a pro! So, without further ado, let’s do just that!

1. The Curtain Catastrophe

If your curtains look like they’ve been borrowed from a low-budget theatre production, we need to talk. Made to measure curtains are kind of like a tailored suit for your windows – they just fit right and that means that they just look great too. Don’t let ill-fitting, off-the-shelf curtains be the Achilles heel of your otherwise impeccable taste.

2. Matchy-Matchy Madness

If your living room set came straight out of a catalogue – and it looks like it – you might be suffering from matchy-matchy syndrome. A home should look curated, not like it was bulk-bought during a sale with no thought or individuality put into it whatsoever. Sound familiar? You are going to want to mix and match furniture for a look that says ‘I put thought into this’ rather than ‘I clicked on a bundle deal’.

3. The Sad Sofa Syndrome

The centrepiece of any living room, your sofa, should be a star, not a supporting act. If yours is more frumpy than fabulous, it’s time for an upgrade to something a bit more special. And no, throwing a trendy blanket over it won’t mask its misery.

7 Things That Are Letting Your Home Decor Down

4. Clutter Chaos

There’s a fine line between ‘eclectically decorated’ and ‘I might be featured on a hoarding documentary’. If you’re veering towards the latter, it’s time to declutter your space, like right now. Remember, sometimes less is more. (And yes, this includes that collection of novelty mugs.)

5. Lighting Lethargy

If your idea of mood lighting is the overhead light that came with your apartment, we need to have a talk. Lighting sets the mood of a room. Think floor lamps, table lamps, even string lights – anything to avoid the dreaded ‘office vibes’.

6. The Rug Rug Rebellion

A rug shouldn’t look like an afterthought. If your rug is so small that your coffee table is awkwardly half on and half off, it’s time for a rethink. A good rug anchors your furniture and gives your feet something plush to land on.

7. The Pillow Problem

If your pillows are as flat as pancakes, it’s time for an intervention. Plump, inviting cushions can transform a sofa from ‘nah’ to ‘aah’. And please, no plastic-y, scratchy materials – we’re decorating a home, not outfitting a budget motel.

I hope these few home truths about where your decor might be going wrong have not upset you, but rather helped you to see what you can do to truly make your home decor sing!

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