How To Buy A Sofa: The Tips You Need To Find The Perfect Sofa

How to choose a sofa. A tough question for any family. After all, a couch is a significant investment and a piece of furniture that will be in constant or near constant use in your home. But it’s not just as simple as heading out and buying a sofa. Why? Because comfort matters, and while you need to ensure you get a good quality sofa that will last you, you also need to think about how you will feel sitting on it daily.

Choosing the right sofa is necessary to help you ensure that it fits your life and your home seamlessly. Sofas are designed to last anywhere from 8 to 15 years; some can last a lifetime, and the last thing you want is to hate your choice or be uncomfortable for the sofa’s lifetime. Plus, buying the wrong sofa is an actual waste of money, and some sofas can run into thousands of pounds; it’s a lot of money to waste.

So, what do you need to know before buying your next sofa? This post is going to look into the different types of sofas you can buy and how to buy the right one for your home

Sofa Buying Tips

There are many tips you can put into action when buying a sofa. 



First and foremost, you need to set a budget to help you determine what you can afford and what is available in your price range.



From here, you need to know the dimensions of your current sofa, your room and the doorway or entryway you will be bringing your sofa into your home via. Buying a sofa too big to get through the front door is a massive issue, and having to return it before you can use it or having to call out window fitters to remove a window to allow for access will be a nightmare situation you want to avoid. So measure up.



Sofas come in a wide range of different upholstery materials, and you want to be confident that the one you choose can withstand day-to-day family life. For example, leather sofas can be good for easy-to-clean options for people with pets, as can velvet or microfiber options. You can choose from leather sofas, textured weaves, hemp, linen or polyester, for example; what you decide should be based on practicality and personal preference.


Frame and Fillings

You want a good, sturdy frame that can withstand the use of the sofa. Good craftsmanship will provide this, and good retailers should offer a warranty for the frame should it develop any problems due to its constriction or craftsmanship. The filling of the cushion should also be factored into your decision. Do you want a soft sofa to sink into or a hard surface that supports your body? Think comfort; only you will know what is best for you.



Don’t overlook the feet of your sofa, too. Feet come in a range of styles and can look like little door knobs under your sofa, be sturdy wooden blocks, or they can be flush to the ground with hidden feet or a frame it sits on. Some feet will be bigger, meaning you have a more significant gap under your sofa, while some will eliminate the gap entirely, but it can alter the aesthetics of the sofa.



Lastly, choosing the right features for your sofa can enhance your experience and give you added luxury while lounging, watching TV or reading a book. Do you want a reclining sofa? An electric-powered seat? Does it need cup holders? Or do you want a scatterback style where you can remove all of the cushions, or do you want a high-back sofa you can fully sit against over a low one that doesn’t give you any head support? There are many sofa features on the market, so know your options to see what you can find.


Try Before You Buy

Getting your bum on a sofa in a real-life showroom can be just as important as knowing what you are buying. Testing how it feels to sit on, how the fabric feels, its size, height, and so on helps you get a feel for what it will be like sitting on it every day. You want something you can relax and enjoy, and trying before you buy is the perfect way to find this.


Sofa Styles

Now you have some sofa-buying tips; you need to able to know the difference between some of the common styles and variations of soap on the market. 


Corner Sofas

Corner sofas, or sectionals as you might know them, are one continuous seating arrangement that fits into the corner of your home. You can get corner sofas with a left or right-hand corner in them so you can choose exactly where they go.


Corner sofas can be ideal for many different reasons: perfect for smaller rooms where you want to keep the centre of the room free and clear, they can help to break up bigger rooms by adding definition, or they can be used in open plan homes to separate the living area of the space.


Corner sofas are ideal for many women and females and are a great way for the whole family to sit together in the same place without being spread out over different seats. From sofas made in italy of leather or fabric corner sofas, those with end reclining seats, added pouffes or footstools, with or without a chaise at the end, there are multiple options for your corner sofa to think about to help you find the right design for you.


Reclining Sofas

Reclining sofas have come a long way from the old-style lever chairs that launch you backwards. These days, recliners simply lift your feet and slowly tilt you backwards. And they no longer need to be placed in the centre of a room away from the wall; they can sit flush against it.


Recliners are ideal for those wanting a bit more legroom and comfort when relaxing on the sofa and can come in various designs: three-seaters where the end seat reclines, two-seaters where both recline, single chairs or corner sofas. You can buy manual or power recliners; power recliners need to be connected to a power source and operated by a button. You can even get power recliners with built-in sound systems, cup holders, folding centrepieces for putting items on or in, and USB ports to charge your devices from your sofa.


Smart Sofas

Smart sofas combine some of the features found on recliners, as mentioned in the above point, and more. They’re available in both standard sofa arrangements and reclining options and are perfect for modern life.


What is meant by smart sofas is that they have a range of added features that simply make sense. From heated seats to USB charging, adjustable console units, armrests with hidden cup holders that pull out, drinks coolers, reading lights, and magazine storage are just a few more of the options available for smart sofas. The beauty is you can have these options added to your sofa of choice if the retailers offer this, or you can choose from a standard design already incorporating some or all of the features mentioned.


Love Seats

Love seats are the ideal larger single-seat or smaller double-seat option. So called because they encourage closeness for more than one occupant on the seat and are designed for getting cosy. They can come in the standard rectangle shape, appearing simply as a smaller two-seater or wide chair, or they can be shaped; round or curved loveseats are currently popular.


Loveseats are available in a range of sizes and are ideal for more modern homes or people looking for something different from a single-seat or larger two-seater sofa. Some added features for a loveseat include being on a swivel base or having adjustable footrests, But if you’re looking for seating options for smaller rooms or designed to create intimacy, a loveseat is exactly what you need.


Chaise Sofa

A chaise sofa can offer you a mix between a corner sofa and a recliner and slot perfectly into your home. They are typically defined by having a long cushion at one end of the sofa with no back or an extended cushion to the front on one end of the sofa. Some chaises have armrests on the cushion extension, but typically, they don’t.


These types of sofas are ideal for those wanting a bit more room without having to buy more furniture, i.e. a footstool, or having the option to lie down while watching TV, reading, or even having a nap. They can add style to your room and give your sofa a little bit extra space.


Choosing the right sofa for your home is a big decision, and it’s somewhat of an understatement today there are hundreds of styles and designs to opt for. Knowing what the different types of sofas are, their features and distinguishing characteristics can help you to decide what would work for you and your home, and these sofa buying tips can help you to ensure you pick the right sofa that matches what you need and will actually fit in the space it is going in.

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