promote your business through social media

Easy Ways To Promote Your Business

Running a successful business is exciting. You feel proud and emboldened to keep moving forward as sales continue to climb. But it does not happen unassisted and in a vacuum. In order to keep growing and moving toward your goals, you need to promote your business and encourage brand awareness. Continue reading for some easy ways to increase exposure for your company.

Bring on the Swag

People love getting things for free. When you decide to embrace that notion, you have a potential boon of promotional ideas available to you. As you look around, it seems that everything has a brand or logo on it. Think about that. Now, take it to the next level and order some promotional swag with your company’s branding on it. Here are some fun and functional ideas people enjoy.

  • StickersStickers come in a variety of sizes and styles and are the perfect vehicles to promote your brand. Put in a sticker printing order with the company’s name and logo for gloss paper stickers, hologram stickers, or sticker sheets. People of all ages will enjoy the gloss and hologram stickers, and kids will appreciate the sticker sheets. Encourage them to affix the stickers to notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and smartphone cases. 
  • Water Bottles – Metal and plastic water bottles are ideal because most people use them.
  • KeyringsKeyrings go where your customers go and are perfect walking advertisements.
  • Mini TorchesEveryone needs a little light. Branding a small torch that fits in a bag or purse is a great way to keep product and imaging going all day long.

Create Social Media Content for the Masses

Creating content is a major tactic when it comes to strategizing ways to promote your business. But how to do it effectively and efficiently is a question that probably comes to mind if you have never done it before or are unsure of how to scale your efforts.

It is one thing to post an image or a few words here and there. It is much more of an effort to go too big too quickly. Start the process of creating content by determining which social media platforms to engage with. You do not need your company to be active on every platform because it can become overwhelming. Find the ones that your users, customers, and general target demographic are active on and start there.

When creating content, try to find topics that are interesting to consumers and informational and fun at the same time. If your products have many uses, highlight them in videos. Does your company volunteer at the local animal shelter? If so, a cute dog or cat video will always engage and bring in more company interest while showing your team in a good light.

Watch this video to learn how to create quick and easy social media posts to promote your business.

Show the world who you are and what you do. You have a great business, of course, but sometimes a little self-aggrandizing and self-promotion are necessary to get the word out about how great your business really is. Put in an order for branded stickers and swag. Once the order is in, show everyone how cool they are on your new social media channels and watch your follower count climb.

promote your business through social media

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