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    New business and new life

    It is really time for a family update on this blog don’t you think? Oh yes…I hear you! We are now living as a proper family at home back in my hometown in Romania and although it is really cool and we love being all together at last I have to admit that it’s been quite hard for all of us to adjust to a life we only had to have a couple of times a year before. The girls are not used to not have mummy only for themselves anymore but they love jumping to daddy every single time mummy tells them off. Oh yeh…and daddy of course he…

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    Life as a family of four

    We are finally a family of four – living together under the same roof here in Romania. Daddy is now a work at home daddy. And everyone is really happy about it! Mummy is continuing to work from home. And now the girls are on their summer holidays. The house is a tiny bit crowded and we are still getting used to it but we are finally whole and it is finally wonderful. The girls broke for holiday on 15th of June and they will get back on 9th of September. Summers are really hot here and we have 40C in the afternoon sometimes so this is why kids have…

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    Cherish every minute

    All parents know that we should cherish every minute we spend with our kids but we all forget or just get wrapped up in what happens in this busy life. I know it all so well. As a single married mum of two beautiful girls I find myself just crashing and not truly enjoying my time with the girls. They are both in primary school so they only spend the mornings away from them – this is how it is in Romania. I don’t know how it would be if they had to spend their whole day in school like it happens in UK. But I do get distracted though….unfortunately.…

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    Mother’s Journal – Being Thankful

    I am THANKFUL. Thankful for everything I have and life gave me. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family. My husband is the most loving and understandable person in my life. I know I don’t always recognize this and I’m sorry. My daughters are so beautiful and smart and so perfect. Yes my daughters are perfect in every single way because they are mine (ours -sorry daddy) and I love them more than I could ever express into words. They are witty and cheeky and just like their father they make me laugh every single day. I’m so proud of my girls. Whatever they choose to do they do brilliantly…

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    The Summer Peppa Came to Stay

    It all started on a perfectly normal summers day. There I was working away at my laptop, as I did every day, when suddenly the girls and Romanian Mum began shouting for me to come quickly. Thinking something was wrong I immediately sprang up and headed for the front door. “Look!’ They all said pointing across the garden. As I looked out, I couldn’t believe what I saw. A small green Tortoise was trundling up our garden path. Before I carry on there is something you should know. We live in the centre of a small town, literally in the centre, just a short distance away from the main shopping area. So…

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    A bit late…Sisters in February

    February. It was a short but really full month. We had snow and I had to shovel more snow than ever,  we had lots of things to prepare and decide and all the way through I just had only one thought… SLOW DOWN My little baby girl,Miss A is starting school in September and although I know that it’s time and that if we were living in UK she would’ve been already in school as reception starts at 4 and a half, I am still really sad deep inside. They are getting older and starting to face more and more challenges and I am simply getting old. And the decisions…

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    How to raise bilingual kids

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that my girls are bilingual. Obviously, I am Romanian but their daddy is English so although we don’t live in England anymore I am trying as much as I can to teach my girls about their home country as well. They were both born at St’ George’s Hospital in Wandsworth, London. Miss K lived half her life in London and half in my hometown and if you ask her what nationality she is she will always say: “First english, than Romanian”. For my youngest, Miss A things are a little bit different you see. At first she looks puzzled…