• Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning
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    Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning – How to Make the Right Choice?

    Does your carpet emit a light aroma of freshness, or does it spray dust, dirt and unpleasant odors around the apartment? How to cope with the bad smell, coming from the carpet? What is the best method for domestic carpet cleaning? Should you use professional carpet cleaning services or you can handle the problem on your own? Actually, it is enough to choose the best way for you to clean the carpet, and then use it regularly. Nowadays, there are many tools and devices for quick, thorough and convenient carpet cleaning at home. It is very difficult for the average person to make a choice, not knowing all the subtleties…

  • 5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania
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    5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania

    Today’s blog post is written by Oana -an ambitious and young lady that loves to travel and write about it on her blog TravelHolyc . Below is her own introduction: In my teenage years, all I wished for was to travel the world and write about my experiences. I had no idea how I was going to combine these two activities, but I felt that they could easily support each other. Now I am 24 and after graduating Communication and PR, after having different jobs, I started a Master in Tourism and managed to somehow live this dream, visiting 12 countries in the last years. I am passionate about new…

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    What Makes a Good Website Design?

    Nowadays, owning a website for your business has become customary. However, your website must have the best design for it to give you an edge in the marketplace. Keep in mind that there are currently more than 1 billion websites that are up and running. In fact, the number is expected to rise in the near future as more and more enterprises join the bandwagon. When choosing a design for your website, you should consider the interests of the visitors because they are the ones who will use the portal the most. As a matter of fact, your website is one of the things that people see the most, meaning…

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    Top Tips to Create a Teenage Bedroom Paradise

    Unfortunately, your child won’t want to sleep in a bedroom decorated in animal wallpaper and fluffy toys forever. A time will come when they will sit you down and tell you that they want a more grown-up styled bedroom. Here are 5 tips on how you can adapt your child’s bedroom into a space your teens will love hanging out in: Get a Grown-Up Bed It might be time to give up your child’s bunk bed and invest in something a little more grown-up and bigger, that cannot be outgrown. Bunk beds don’t exactly scream ‘mature’ out loud. Upgrading a single bed to a double bed and double mattress will…

  • 7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn
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    7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn

    Babies are wonderful especially when they come during Christmas. With one in your arms now, you’ve not only gotten an early Christmas present, but also the best. And while it will be amazing to cuddle the little pumpkin on his first ever Noelly celebration, it is also that type of day where things can get nuts especially for a new momma and her needy new baby.  Without any assistance or a twist in the normal agenda of baking, cooking, decorating the home and endlessly receiving visitors who have come to celebrate Christmas with the newest member of the family, the stress can come down really hard on you. But that…

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    Guest Post from Maggy at Red Ted Art – Autumn Crafts for Preschoolers

    A bit over 4 years ago I met this incredible, talented woman Maggy Woodley the creator of Red Ted Art.  I already admired her as I used to try her crafts with my then 2 year old daughter.  It was a blogging event but I don’t recall which one now though. At first I thought that she will possibly totally ignore me if I started a chat but she didn’t. She is actually the loveliest lady ever and if you don’t follow her online already you should definitely do so. Now I leave you with the Autumn Crafts she proposes for preschoolers.  ************************************ Thank you for having me guest post today! I do love…

  • Retro Sweets
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    Retro sweets: creating and awakening memories for all generations

    For any adult who now takes a visit to a sweet shop, it is a journey which will transport them back to their childhood. Vivid colours, the smell of the sculpted sugar, the sound of the wrappers as they are tipped from containers into the anonymity of the small white paper bag. It all culminates in the handing over of the very personal prize to be closely guarded until the perfect time arrives to reopen and fully embrace the sensation of their favourite retro sweets. Where it all began The thrill of taking pocket money and spending what felt like hours carefully choosing bags of chocolate white mice, rainbow coloured…