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    Life as a family of four

    We are finally a family of four – living together under the same roof here in Romania. Daddy is now a work at home daddy. And everyone is really happy about it! Mummy is continuing to work from home. And now the girls are on their summer holidays. The house is a tiny bit crowded and we are still getting used to it but we are finally whole and it is finally wonderful. The girls broke for holiday on 15th of June and they will get back on 9th of September. Summers are really hot here and we have 40C in the afternoon sometimes so this is why kids have…

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    Family Stories,  Mother's Journal

    Cherish every minute

    All parents know that we should cherish every minute we spend with our kids but we all forget or just get wrapped up in what happens in this busy life. I know it all so well. As a single married mum of two beautiful girls I find myself just crashing and not truly enjoying my time with the girls. They are both in primary school so they only spend the mornings away from them – this is how it is in Romania. I don’t know how it would be if they had to spend their whole day in school like it happens in UK. But I do get distracted though….unfortunately.…

  • Family Stories,  Mother's Journal

    Mother’s Journal – Being Thankful

    I am THANKFUL. Thankful for everything I have and life gave me. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family. My husband is the most loving and understandable person in my life. I know I don’t always recognize this and I’m sorry. My daughters are so beautiful and smart and so perfect. Yes my daughters are perfect in every single way because they are mine (ours -sorry daddy) and I love them more than I could ever express into words. They are witty and cheeky and just like their father they make me laugh every single day. I’m so proud of my girls. Whatever they choose to do they do brilliantly…