• Maintaining a Strong Relationship
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    Maintaining a Strong Relationship – Even After Having Kids

    Keeping the spark alive in a relationship and remaining strong and close over the years isn’t always easy, especially when children come along. If you’re worried about drifting apart or just want to make your relationship the best it can be, consider these ideas.  Do things as a family Spending time with your partner doesn’t have to be one on one or romantic time for it to count. Doing things together as a family is loads of fun and benefits all of you, it’s a chance for you and your partner to goof around or just relax while you’re on family days out, enjoying movie nights or relaxing in the…

  • Keep Your Relationship Successful In A Long Distance Marriage
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    Keep Your Relationship Successful In A Long Distance Marriage

    It seems that no matter what one does there are always people who worry more about whats happening with you and your relationship than you sometimes. It’s our case as well. I am often asked… “Is it not too hard to be apart and still have a good amorous relationship? You are not scared that he will cheat on you? I mean you are always with the girls…but him…” I always answer…”We love each other a lot and we try to keep our relationship fun and alive as much as possible.” Although apart our relationship is pretty much the same as all the other relationships. The only difference is that when…

  • How to improve your relationship
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    How to improve your relationship

    As parents, we’ve all been there. Your bundle of joy can be more like a grenade lobbed into the middle of your life. It explodes everything you used to know and be. Hopefully, though, when you’ve got over the initial shock, all your pieces fit together in a new way that makes everything even better than before. So, what are the main challenges facing you both as you blithely set out on the parenting path? What pitfalls do we all sink into at some stage? And how can we overcome them to keep alive the two who were there long before two became three? That bone-deadening exhaustion of the early…