• Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

    Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

    Our friends are so precious. From the girlfriends we’ve known since childhood to the mums we met at toddler groups, they are all so important to reminding us that there’s more to life than the school run.  As Christmas approaches, it’s time to start thinking of how to show our appreciation for their friendship over the last year. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some little gift ideas to let the ladies in your life know you care.  Scented Treats If your friend loves to fill her home with beautiful scents, a beautifully fragrant candle or diffuser can make a lovely gift. While there are high end options available…

  • Pinecone Christmas Ornaments
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    Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

    We gathered quite a few pine cones this year so thought it will be good to have a go at transforming them in decorations for our Christmas tree. First I painted them – Some in white and some in gold. I left them on the counter to dry for a couple of days and than the really fun part started. You can let your little ones help you with painting as its a fairly easy job to do. My girls adore colouring: I tried out ribbons in different colours to decorate the pine cones. Everything I had around the house really – pink, white and gold and gold or simply…

  • Cute Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards
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    Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards

    My girls love crafting and unfortunately I don’t do it enough with them. It is hard to keep occupied a 4 year old and a 7 year old with the same craft. But they love pom poms and these ones are really cute! And this is how the idea of these cute Christmas tree cards came up. We had to make some new cards to send to our relatives all around the country and the world. I found these mini pom noms in one of our local shops last summer but even since than I knew that I will use them for some kind of Christmas craft. Supplies To Make…

  • Christmas Tree
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    Keep your kids entertained this Christmas

    During the Christmas holidays is the time when your children are most energetic – they have a tendency to run around from the minute they wake to the minute they fall asleep. Believe it or not, it is actually during the school holidays that children cost parents the most amount of money – and not due to their desire for more toys. On average children cost their parents £2,000 a year in damages to the home by the time they reach the age of ten years old. This cost is calculated by the amount of wallpaper is torn off, walls written on and carpets ripped – having children can be…