• Pinecone Christmas Ornaments
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    Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

    We gathered quite a few pine cones this year so thought it will be good to have a go at transforming them in decorations for our Christmas tree. First I painted them – Some in white and some in gold. I left them on the counter to dry for a couple of days and than the really fun part started. You can let your little ones help you with painting as its a fairly easy job to do. My girls adore colouring: I tried out ribbons in different colours to decorate the pine cones. Everything I had around the house really – pink, white and gold and gold or simply…

  • Cute Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards
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    Pom Pom Christmas Tree Cards

    My girls love crafting and unfortunately I don’t do it enough with them. It is hard to keep occupied a 4 year old and a 7 year old with the same craft. But they love pom poms and these ones are really cute! And this is how the idea of these cute Christmas tree cards came up. We had to make some new cards to send to our relatives all around the country and the world. I found these mini pom noms in one of our local shops last summer but even since than I knew that I will use them for some kind of Christmas craft. Supplies To Make…

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    Tin Snowman Craft and 30 Christmas Ornaments

    We are getting close to Christmas now and I can’t believe is like less than two months away. Time is passing fast when you are busy I guess. My girls favourite activity in the cold days of autumn or winter is to do crafts with their mother. They know as well as me that I am not the most inspired when it comes to it but I am lucky as they don’t upset. They know that mummy can get inspired easily from the books she already owns from her good friend Maggy Woodley – Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids and the new ebook 30 Christmas Ornaments and from her…

  • Egg Carton Christmas Tree
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    Make Egg Carton Christmas Trees

      At the beginning of the month I was showing you our egg carton caterpillars and I said that we also made some Christmas trees. Well is not yet december but thought that is time to show you our craft.   Supplies: egg carton green and red paint pipe cleaners brushes scissors Instructions: If you plan to let your kids cut the cartoons and they are quite young like mine (under 7) are then you should cut the little “cups” yourself. You can of course let them do the rest alone. Using the end of your scissors make little holes on the top of each “cup”; Let your kids go wild…

  • Christmas Cards
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    Christmas Tree Cards

      If you were watching my instagram or Facebook timeline last night you saw that my eldest and I were making these fab Christmas tree cards. So simple to make but they look so good. Materials: – A4 colored cardboard/paper (thicker); – glittery foam with glue on the back; – cookie christmas tree shape; – scissors; – pencil; Fold and cut the A4 sheets in two and then fold the cut pieces of card board again in two just like a card. Using the pencil trace the shape of the christmas cookie on the back of the glittery foam. The glittery foam is supposed to have a paper on the…

  • Tree Paper Garland
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    Homemade Christmas: Tree Paper Garland

    Because of my eldest daughter Kara loves crafting we made one more craft last week – the Christmas tree garland.   Materials: Wark blue paper card – the harder and thicker the better; White paper card; Silver glue; Scissors; Christmas tree cookie cutter; 1 pencil; A long piece of string – 1m – 1 1/2m depending how long you want to make it. Double sticky tape. Steps to follow:   Place the cookie cutter on the blue paper and draw around it with the pencil so that when you take the cookie of the paper you have a tree drawing. Repeat the process until you have a paper full of…

  • Crepe Paper Christmas Trees
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    Making Crepe Paper Christmas Trees

    This years Christmas crafts seem to have a theme: crepe paper! So while making the Christmas wreath i thought that a good idea was to make Christmas trees as well. My eldest liked them and she even had a go on producing a small version one.   Materials: white thick drawing paper; gold&silver crepe paper; transparent glue; double stick tape; shiny gold yellow string; scissors; Method: Make the cone out of the thick drawing paper. Stick the side with double side sticky paper. Cut any extra paper so that your cone can sit on the table. If you are happy with the shape start cutting long streams of gold and silver (…