• Handprint Tree Craft

    Handprint Tree Craft

    Summer is here now which means the school holidays started. With so much time on our hands is harder and harder to keep my daughters busy and entertained for long period of time when mummy needs to work and can’t spend all her time entertaining little minds. There’s also quite an age gap between them so I need to find activities that are enjoyable for both a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Thankfully my 7 year old is quite happy to do activities that are probably even boring for her because she loves helping and teaching her little sister! Materials: glue stick brown thick paper white thick…

  • Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

    Paper plate rainbow

    We started this craft a couple of months ago when it was really dark and rainy outside so we had to spend our day indoors. You know how hard it is to keep your kids entertained when they have to spend the whole day indoors don’t you? So although I had things to do around the house I gave my girls something to do too. As they were hoping to see the rainbow that day we started with that. The three of us done our own rainbow – I obviously had to show them how to do it. So we started by cutting a paper plate in half and then…

  • Sky Blanket 2016 Project - Solid Granny Squares
    Crochet,  Sky Blanket

    Sky Blanket – {2)

    At the beginning of the year I was telling you about my 2016 challenge – knitting/crocheting a blanket inspired by the sky colours. As you know I then started by knitting and end up switching to crocheting – never thought I will end up doing that. Turns out I really enjoy it as it really relaxes my mind. It’s actually my “go to” activity when I feel stress out and in part it replaced my love for blogging. It certainly leaves me a lot less time for it. I am not sure how long in time I’ve been spending crocheting but considering that I’ve been doing at least one square…

  • Easy Origami Envelopes

    Easy Origami Envelopes

    Happy 1st of March everyone! Can you believe it’s already spring? The first two months of the year past way too fast and I didn’t even feel like it was really winter. I mean it only snowed a couple of times and that was all! Otherwise it was quite a mild winter with days that went up to 21 degrees here. Now although it’s 1st of March and the first day of spring is very cold and it’s raining! Pretty miserable start of spring…But in Romania we still celebrate “Martisor” today though so in preparation to this day my girls and I done a lot of crafting and this is how…

  • Crochet,  Sky Blanket

    My new 2016 project – #SkyBlanket

    This year I decided that I don’t need any New Year Resolutions . Well not like my usual ones – I want to lose so much weight, I want to travel more, I want to paint my hair purple etc. Of course I still want to lose weight but by focusing only on that I get tired and sick of counting calories so when I heard about the #SkyBlanket project from  Aly and Joanne I start thinking. I am not very good at knitting or crocheting but thought that maybe it was time for me to learn both and start creating nice memories for my girls. Plus by doing a…

  • Crafts

    TP Christmas Tree Decorations

    This is a very easy craft that even the tiniest of hands will be able to do by themselves. Well mostly…make sure you do supervise your child as accidents can happen to the best of us. Materials: Toilet Paper Rolls Paint – gold & silver Coloured String Scissors Stapler Take one TP paper roll and cut it horizontally like 1 cm wide. Colour them and let them dry well When dry, staple them together creating a star like in the image. Put some of the string around one of the star holes and bind a knot at the end. Hang it in your tree.