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    10 top style tips for Busy Mums

    I have never been that girl that received attention because she was dressed with style or following the latest fashion. I always dressed up to feel comfortable but it comes a time(and age) when you have to change something. Now that my size is still at “plus” I certainly need all the help I can get and I am sure that some of my readers will also appreciate the tips from this Chums infographic. These days is really hard for a woman(or anybody) to know what to wear for the transition into summer. This is why I love autumn so much – a pair of jeans or leggings and a sweater…

  • Meat Free Monday
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    #Meatfreemonday: Tasty vegetarian options the whole family will enjoy

    Cooking for a four and seven year old can be demanding, and most of the time one of them will refuse to eat or ask for something different. We’ve recently introduced ‘Meat Free Monday’ into our home and the girls have really taken to it. It’s been a great way of getting them to help choose our meals, teach them about the environment and also the importance of a healthy diet. The official #MeatFreeMonday website is packed full of nutritious recipes, from celebrity chefs to tried and tested family favourites from the McCartney family. One of my favourites has got to be Jamie Oliver’s pumpkin, chickpea and coconut curry. The sweet…

  • Sisters { January}
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    Sisters {Jan/Feb}

    Over the last year my blog was not updated as it used to be but I want to start doing again and what better way to do it  than by telling you all about my two beautiful daughters. I stopped writing my monthly “Siblings” post around the end of last year I think…And because I stopped doing it and because I was so busy with my now work from home job I even stopped taking so many pictures with my girls. So I really need to get back to my passion – photography. This month pictures were mostly took with my phone so please do forgive me for it. My eldest is…

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    Visiting Romania: Club Villa Bran

    Romania is not a well known family holiday destination but since I arrived at home I discovered that bit by bit places start to be more welcoming for kids. This is why we decided to visit Club Villa Bran last year. Although we visited it because we wanted to celebrate my birthday when I reserved our places I done it with our girls in our mind. Club Villa Bran is located into a very beautiful area – near Bran Castle.   We visited at the end of September last year but I bet that during winter or summer days the pictures taken from the resort will look even nicer.  As my…

  • Outdoor Snow Activities
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    Outdoor Snow Activities

    Because we live in Romania we are lucky enough to have snow at least a couple of times a year. As you can imagine my girls love playing in snow so every time it happens to snow is quite hard to get them indoors. They have a lot of fun there’s no doubt but I think I used to have a lot more fun in the snow when I was a child. Maybe because there were not as many cars on the streets as they are now and my parents used to join in with the fun too…I don’t know… As we are preparing for some more snow in the next…

  • Visiting The Look Out Centre Bracknell
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    The Look Out Centre – Discovery

    It’s been a while since we visited The Look Out Centre in Bracknell but the experience and the fun we had there its still vivid in our memory. It was great fun there! And while you relax with a coffee your kids can play happily without the danger of getting bored! The centre is not huge(inside) but it has lots of interesting activities that your kids will enjoy and also have lots to learn from – science activities, discovery, water activities and lots and lots of balls and bricks! We visited the centre a couple of times as it was really close to the place my husband lives and as…

  • Donate Colectiv
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    A tragedy struck Romania #Colectiv

    Romania is mourning. I am mourning too. A bit over a week ago Romania was struck by tragedy when a club from Bucharest burned down. When the fire started In Colectiv there were more than 400 young people in the club. They were all there for a rock concert – Goodbye To Gravity – a band I didn’t know about before this tragedy but since then I started to listen and love their songs. Many died that night in the fire and many continued to die from the burns and wounds caused by the fire. It was terrible and it continues to be one of the biggest tragedies in the…