• Fun Plans for October with Yourids
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    Fun Plans for October with Your Kids

    Now that the kids are back to school I am sure that like me you are also starting to prepare for the moments when it’s not going to be as warm outside.  It may not feel like two minutes since the summer holidays, but October half term is almost upon us. As the weather turns wetter and colder, it’s tempting to keep the kids occupied with technology indoors. However, if you want to truly make the most of the holidays together, getting outdoors and having fun as a family is the best way to do it. Here, we’ll look at some of the best fun plans you can make for…

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    10+ Free Easter Colouring Resources For Kids

    Easter is less than two weeks away and some of the kids are already on spring break.Managing to entertain kids while working from home is such a challenge. This is why I try to find things for my two little girls to do while I work. One is 4 and the other 8 so while one might enjoy reading for the other one it’s simply impossible to do so. They like spending time doing things together and one of their favourite activity is colouring. This is why I put together this set of colouring pages for kids.       FREE EASTER COLOURING PAGES  Activity Village Easter Colouring Pages for…

  • Outdoor Snow Activities
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    Outdoor Snow Activities

    Because we live in Romania we are lucky enough to have snow at least a couple of times a year. As you can imagine my girls love playing in snow so every time it happens to snow is quite hard to get them indoors. They have a lot of fun there’s no doubt but I think I used to have a lot more fun in the snow when I was a child. Maybe because there were not as many cars on the streets as they are now and my parents used to join in with the fun too…I don’t know… As we are preparing for some more snow in the next…

  • Visiting The Look Out Centre Bracknell
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    The Look Out Centre – Discovery

    It’s been a while since we visited The Look Out Centre in Bracknell but the experience and the fun we had there its still vivid in our memory. It was great fun there! And while you relax with a coffee your kids can play happily without the danger of getting bored! The centre is not huge(inside) but it has lots of interesting activities that your kids will enjoy and also have lots to learn from – science activities, discovery, water activities and lots and lots of balls and bricks! We visited the centre a couple of times as it was really close to the place my husband lives and as…

  • playing conkers
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    Playing conkers

    Every autumn my girls collect conkers like mad! They are everywhere in their pockets, backpacks, their wooden house in the garden…I usually just end up throwing them out as soon as I find them but this time around daddy thought it will be good to teach our girls to play conkers. My little one took a special interest in the conkers and you can of course see that from the pictures below… Playing conkers Pick the best conkers that you have – they need to be uncracked and firm. Make a hole through the middle of your conkers – this needs to be completed by an adult – “daddy” Thread…

  • Glitter Glue Sensory Painting
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    Glittery Glue Sensory Painting

    My girls always like getting messy when playing – well all kids do I guess! If you ask them what they want to do they will say: “painting!painting!” . Most of the time they just end up spreading paint on everything – paper, toilet rolls, pots,hands, face and sometimes even walls! What would you need for such an activity: paper glue glitter lolly sticks any other things you might want to paint 🙂 Well this is mostly a sensory activity rather than a creativity one although you can very well create pretty nice art with it too.   I didn’t get any pics with my youngest as she was just…