• 3 Ways To Save Money When Renting A House
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    3 Ways To Save Money When Renting A House

    The cost of renting a house is spiralling out of control but, for a lot of people, it’s the only option. If you want to buy, you need to save up a large down payment and some people just aren’t in a position to do that, so they have to rent instead. There are actually some benefits to renting because you have a lot of flexibility and your landlord is responsible for the maintenance costs, so it can be a good option if you are not planning to stay somewhere for a long while. However, you do need to find ways to manage the cost of renting and that can…

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    Simple ways to keep the cost of running your small business under control

    In the UK, the mum economy is huge. It does not matter where you live you will find mumpreneurs. Women who are juggling raising their kids and looking after their families with running a small business. The latest stats show that 807,000 women are registered as self-employed, in the UK. Many of them are mums. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Below, I outline some relatively simple ways you can track, keep control of and reduce the cost of your small business. Get a fuel card Whether you are running just one vehicle or have expanded and now have more than one van or business…

  • Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House
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    Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House

    People are often careless about how they spend their money. Within a few days of getting paid, many of us have spent most of what we earned. This can cause serious long-term money problems, making it impossible for you to reach your financial goals. Improving your finances can seem like a lot of hard work, which is why many of us avoid doing so. Thankfully, there are ideas you can try, which take very little effort. With that in mind, here are six lazy ways to save money.  Pick A Different Job The long drives many of us take to work each morning are costly, as well as frustrating. To…

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    6 Money-Saving Hacks To Help You Reach Your Goals

    When you’re trying to reach your financial goals quickly, it’s important to learn how to save money fast, and cut your spending as much as possible. The more you save, the easier it will be to reach your targets without having to give up on doing the things that you love.  Whether you’re hoping to find a way to pay off your debt quicker, or you want to save aside enough money to go on a holiday with your family, there are plenty of ways that you can speed up your strategy. Here are just some of the money-saving hacks that we recommend.  Go Digital You probably use your smartphone for…

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    Finding An Office To Rent

    Many people or businesses require the use of offices to rent. There are a whole host of reasons as to why this may be the case; it can be anything from someone setting up their own company to a business which is looking to expand. Either way, the renting of offices is something which is an ever present. There are a lot of points which need to be considered when looking for which offices are the best to rent. There needs to be a lot of time, forethought and consideration put into deciphering what rental property would be the right one to go for. After all, this is something which…

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    Hen Party Ideas: Brighton

    Getting married is something which is filled with excitement. You have to buy your beautiful dress, you need to start looking for wedding rings, you can start testing food for the big day… and, you need to organise your hen party! Everyone wants to mark they’re last days of ‘freedom’ with a bang, and thus the hen party is something which tends to get a lot of attention.  If you are looking for something innovative and exciting then you should consider booking one of the cottages for large groups found in Brighton for a weekend with friends. This is something which will undoubtedly go down a treat and is recommended…

  • A Guide To Safely Getting Back To Your Pre-Baby Weight
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    A Guide To Safely Getting Back To Your Pre-Baby Weight

    Bouncing back to your old figure after having a baby may seem like an impossible task. The fun of eating for 2 can take some time to wear off and instead of the number on the scales going down, it may just continue to increase. There’s no quick fix or magic pill that can make you shed those pesky extra pounds, but there are a few useful hints and tips that could help you get set in the right direction. Put those meal replacement drinks back on the shelf and take a more natural and relaxed approach to shifting the excess weight. Avoid Negative Self Image The most important thing…