• Why it’s Never too Late to Follow Your Career Dreams
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    Why it’s Never too Late to Follow Your Career Dreams

    Many people dream about their ideal career but never take the steps towards making it a reality. Between raising children, concerns over financial security and dealing with the demands of daily life, your dream career may seem like an impossibility, but it doesn’t have to be.  Whether you lack the confidence, don’t have the time, or think it’s too late, here’s why now could be the perfect opportunity to pursue your dream career. You’re Constantly Growing As a person, you’re constantly learning and experiencing new things. In all likelihood, you’ve reached achievements that you never thought you could, and overcome situations you didn’t think you’d be able to. Even now,…

  • Me Time: 7 Ideas for Mums
    For the mums

    Me Time: 7 Ideas for Mums

    Being a mum is incredibly rewarding, with so many precious first moments and treasured memories. There’s also no doubt it’s incredibly tiring, from teething and sleepless nights, to school runs and homework.  According to research, on average, children say mum 9,563 times per year. We also spend 7 full days doing the food shop, make more than 800 meals and 500 beds. Although there’s a lot of perks, like enjoying over 1,500 cuddles, it can be stressful, too. To help you rejuvenate, here are some essential me-time ideas for hectic mums. Enjoy a nap As a parent, you know that feeling of being sleep deprived. If you need to justify…

  • How to be frugal

    How to Stop Living from One Payday to The Next

    No-one likes living payday to payday. When you’re left with £5 to cover all of your expenses at the end of each month after you’ve accidentally over-spent on entertainment and other costs in the weeks before, you can find yourself in a position of serious stress and discomfort. In fact, you might even have to tap into other sources of money to keep you going, meaning that you have more debt to worry about next month. 1.  Learn How to Budget  It’s stressful to feel as though you never have enough money to live life the way you would like to. The good news is that there are things you…

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    How to refresh your outdoor seating space in time for summer

    Summer has finally arrived, and we want to embrace spending as much time as possible outside soaking up that sunshine. Whether you’re inviting friends over for a barbecue, the kids are having a playdate, or you simply want to enjoy some alfresco dining, now is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor space in time for the summer. Thankfully, all of these suggestions are quick fixes and will take no more than a quick online order and popping them into position in your garden or patio. First things first is to sort out the seating. Ensuring everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit is the first point of call. These bold…

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    A Father’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Father’s Day

    A week from today will be the most important day in the family Calendar, yes I am talking about Fathers day. That day when you appreciate, and give thanks for all things Dad like. The single day of the year when Dad dancing is permitted, when you will actually laugh at dad jokes and when falling asleep in the armchair after dinner is not only welcomed, but expected. Much like Christmas in fact. But with the clock ticking and time running short, have you given enough thought as to how you will show your appreciation to the man that has through life, being the source of comfort, security, guidance, and…


    11 Smart Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

    It’s just the start of November here and the temperature already dropped to 8-10C during the day and 2-4C during the night. The heating went on over a week ago as well as the floors were getting quite cold during the night already and as the girls spend a lot of time on the floor playing this was a must. I was hoping that the autumn winter will stay a little longer as I absolutely love autumn weather but I wasn’t that lucky this year…But hey let’s forget the autumn blues! We need to really prepare for winter! I mean my hubby is most of the time away and my…

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    Thoughtful gifts for new mums

    One of my friends had a baby recently and I have to admit that I struggled to find something suitable to buy for her. Of course I bought little gifts – a brush and some clothes – for her daughter but besides flowers I couldn’t think of anything else to get her. But of course there are lots of things a new mum would be absolutely delighted to receive. And here I am talking about gifts that will make any mum life easier and happier. FLOWERS I love having flowers in my home. And I think all women are the same. And when you just given birth and you receive…