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    Tips For Keeping Track Of Technology Usage With Children

    Your children’s safety is important, and one way that it might be vulnerable is through technology. Not only that but too much technology can end up being bad for them if they’re then not getting enough space from it. Here are some tips for keeping track of technology usage with children. Image Source Monitor Their Phones There are ways that you can monitor your children’s phones without having to actually have them within your possession. Make sure you’re the account holder for the phone, and you have the ability to block certain websites from being accessed. This can give you that peace of mind you might need to ensure that…

  • How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?
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    How Can We Set a Good Example to Our Children?

    When you bring a child into the world, there’s a lot of pressure to do things right. We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy and productive members of society, and the way we raise them when they’re little has a huge impact on what their thoughts and views, personality and goals are likely to be later on. None of us are working to a rule book, and when it comes to parenting we’re all just winging it and doing the best we can. This isn’t to say any of us need to be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist, however, there are a few things within our control…

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    Subjects Which Should Be Taught At School

    School is one of the most important experiences of our lives. From the age of 3 until 18, we are put through our paces learning about science, maths and the english language.  There are a lot of subjects which are taught in school which are very useful and help us develop as people in our early years – but there are also a lot of things we aren’t taught about which could impact our lives as we grow into adulthood. Today I want to take a look at some of the top subjects which should be taught to all children during their school years.  1. Nutrition Healthy eating is the…

  • 3 Ways to Keep Kids Active During the Summer Holidays
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    3 Ways to Keep Kids Active During the Summer Holidays

     Summer holidays are great, because more sunshine means more time outside, instead of being crowded inside with toys and gadgets!  For children, their school holidays are often what makes their childhood. If not planned carefully, however, the costs of various events and activities can add up very quickly! It’s no surprise that boredom and spending extra money around the holidays can cause a strain on even the happiest of families. Time off school can also mean that kids forget how to learn. Don’t let your kids become TV zombies!  Here are some fun, inexpensive (and some FREE!)  summer projects and activities for children, to help them to learn, develop, and…

  • How to stop yelling at your children

    How to Stop Yelling at Your Children and Be a Better Parent

    As the girls get older is getting harder to make them listen and obey without  transforming myself into some kind of a growling creature. Every time I do get angry (cause let’s admit it all parents get angry and frustrated but it is about the way that they handle the situation that counts) I kind of see myself as the woman version of the Hulk.  So, I admit I do get upset and frustrated and 3 out of 10 times I find myself yelling at my gorgeous girls as they do know how to press my buttons too. As they got older, they also got wiser and better at tricking…

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    What to look for when buying children’s swimming aids

    Whether you are thinking ahead to a holiday by the pool, or local swimming lessons, you might be interested in some top tips when it comes to purchasing swimming aids for toddlers or babies. It isn’t just about cute designs and fun colours, you need to consider some important safety elements too. THE KEY TO BABY FLOAT SAFETY The number one thing to bear in mind, no matter what sort of childrens swimming aids you might have purchased, is to never leave a child unsupervised in their pool float. It only takes a back to be turned for one second for a situation to turn tragic. This is also why…

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    Why I chose to be a work at home mum

    Before I had kids I always imagined myself as a career woman. Over the years I moved from one job to another depending on where I lived. I worked as Human Resources Specialist, Warehouse Manager and in my last field as a full time job in Supply Chain Management. When my youngest was born and we moved closer to my parents I knew that none of the jobs mentioned above was possible. Thankfully, I already started to have a little bit of income through this blog which help greatly for a mum of two young children with her husband working away. However, at the moment advertising and sponsored posts through my…