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    A bit late…Sisters in February

    February. It was a short but really full month. We had snow and I had to shovel more snow than ever,  we had lots of things to prepare and decide and all the way through I just had only one thought… SLOW DOWN My little baby girl,Miss A is starting school in September and although I know that it’s time and that if we were living in UK she would’ve been already in school as reception starts at 4 and a half, I am still really sad deep inside. They are getting older and starting to face more and more challenges and I am simply getting old. And the decisions…

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    Sisters – January

    A couple of years ago I was taking part in a photography blog meme along with other mummy bloggers. Unfortunately last year I stopped doing it and now looking back I really regret it as with it I also stopped taking pictures with my girls.  I looked it up to see if this project is still going on the other blogs but I was sad to see that it doesn’t… I mean the project was actually called “Siblings” but all 2016 and a couple of months in 2017 I recalled it “Sisters” in order to reflect our family better. After all I have two girls so…why not call it Sisters?…