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    Bilingual European

    I really didn’t want to write this post. I mean I strongly believed that because I am not British I have no right to do so…but then every single time I thought about the future the fear just raised into my heart. I might not be British but my husband and more importantly my daughters are. I raise them to believe that Europe is one big nation formed of people that happen to speak different languages and that when they grow up they can choose where to live. I told them several times that they will be free to choose where to leave even though my husband and I might live in…

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    A tragedy struck Romania #Colectiv

    Romania is mourning. I am mourning too. A bit over a week ago Romania was struck by tragedy when a club from Bucharest burned down. When the fire started In Colectiv there were more than 400 young people in the club. They were all there for a rock concert – Goodbye To Gravity – a band I didn’t know about before this tragedy but since then I started to listen and love their songs. Many died that night in the fire and many continued to die from the burns and wounds caused by the fire. It was terrible and it continues to be one of the biggest tragedies in the…

  • Piata Universitatii 2014
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    Change for Romania!

      The socialist party lost the presidential elections yesterday and the romanians everywhere are happy! I think that happy is probably not an enough word to express how romanians are feeling today! Yesterday a revolution happened! A revolution on the streets of Romania and UK, Italia, Germany, France etc….a revolution online where the young people especially were revolted by the fact that people that were trying to vote outside Romania were treated badly. But in the end the desperation and the upsets transform in happiness! Although not everyone manage to vote we showed that we still want Romania to change! We don’t want to be considered as a socialist or…