• Little Heart Cookies

    Little Heart Cookies

    At the beginning of this year I was a guest blogger on the lady of the crafts blog – Maggy over at Red Ted Art. I was taking part in her 31 Days of Love in the runner up for Valentine’s Day. So as it is almost Christmas thought it was time to introduce you to the recipe too. In a jar like below they could make a really good Foodie Present:   You can either put them in a nice jar like above or wrap them up like below with the Christmas Cookies:   4.0 from 2 reviews Little Heart Cookies   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time…

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    Baking with kids: Cookies

      When kids are on their holidays they always demand sweet things don’t they? The “Mummy please can you make me some cookies/muffins/ice cream etc. I can help!” And you are like me the mother of a 5 year old you know that the help is not there for long – they get bored fast bless them. This time around she even help for longer and these cookies actually took longer than expected because her little sister wanted to participate as well so I end up holding her in my arms. This is a recipe we always use and is just great as a base! You can even add cacao…

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    How To Create The Ultimate Easter Themed Biscuits With Ready To Roll Icing

    Easter is a holiday that’s perfect for baking and cake making. Something about the bright colours and the Easter eggs and bunnies theme lends itself to cake making and biscuit baking. So we decided to show you how to make the ultimate Easter themed biscuits with ready to roll icing. First you’ll need to make a basic shortbread mix to make your biscuits. To make 10 biscuits for sharing you’ll need: 125g of butter 55g of caster sugar 180g of plain flour A nice easy recipe that uses ingredients you’re sure to have in your cupboard. Then: Preheat your oven to 190oC Cream together the butter and the sugar. You…

  • Christmas Cookies

    Making Your Own Christmas Presents: Cookies

       As you know from my previous posts i love baking and cooking because it’s so relaxing. It is something that i can do with pleasure and without stress especially when i use the best tools and ingredients out there.    This time around the lovely people from Renshaw Baking send me all the ingredients I need it to create my Christmas presents this year. I chose to make cookies as they are something that no matter how old you are you always enjoy eating. Ingredients for the actual cookies: 125g of unsalted butter 55g caster sugar 180g plain flour Ingredients for decorations: 250g Renshaw Original White Marzipan 250g Renshaw White Ready to…

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    Cream for the romanian biscuits

    A couple of days ago i posted a recipe for romanian biscuits. In the meantime i actually made a cream that goes with the simple biscuits. If you put this cream between two biscuits and then drizzle them with some chocolate then they become “fursecuri”.  I don’t think there is an english word that describes them but they are basically biscuits with cream. I took a picture with my phone so i apologise as it is not the best picture ever but it shows you how the biscuits should look like basically: Ingredients for the cream filling: – 250gr unsalted butter – 500 gr super fine sugar – 3 tbsp cocoa powder…

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    Romanian biscuits

    This is a recipe that my grandmother used sometimes to make biscuits. Very simple and with not many ingredients but it tastes delicious and can be moulded and decorated in different ways. Ingredients: – 3 eggs – 3 cups of sugar ( I only put 1 1/2 cups of sugar as I prefer them not as sweet) – 3 cups of oil – 6 cups of plain flour (you can add one more if you think that the composition is too runny at the end though) – the zest of one lemon – one teaspoon of baking powder – the juicy of half a lemon – one teaspoon of vanilla…

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    Oat and raisins cookies

    This morning my daughter woke up at 5.30. Yeh I know a bit early for a Sunday morning but when you are a parent you get used to it. I sent my hubby back to sleep in the bedroom and my daughter and I cuddled and watch cartoon for a while. After a while though I had this urge to bake. Didn’t do it for a while so thought it was time. I didn’t however had plain flower so I had to improvise. These are the ingredients I used: – 150 gr. of butter – 3/4 cups of brown sugar – 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda – 2/3 cup…