• Scramble Eggs Recipe
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    Scramble Eggs Recipe with a difference

        Scramble eggs is a recipe that everybody knows and loves especially in England. I discovered this dish one sunday morning when a bit hangover I went out for breakfast with my beloved husband at one of the many cafes in Hammersmith, London. The first time I thought: “why is everybody raving about them?there’s nothing special about it!” ┬áBut then as my husband and my girls love them I tried and tried several times to make the perfect scramble eggs. I had breakfast disasters and not so bad breakfasts but then as I was watching one of my cookery channels, a Gordon Ramsey programs started and he demonstrated how…

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    Granola with seeds and coconut flakes

    As you know already i am one of the luckiest bloggers to be part of the Tefal Innovation Panel this year. Since i fell and broken my ligaments the Tefal Actifry is my best friend. I can put all the ingredients in it and then i can go and comeback when i hear that the program finished. Because of the Actifry i can still cook as i don’t need to stand up and stir the food myself. I ate quite a lot of chips…but not only….I made chilli , apple with cinnamon and even granola! And this is why i am writting to you all today. We love eating granola…