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    5 ideas for….EGGS

    Eggs can be boring but at the same time a good resource for protein. So let’s see…. 1. Mash up a boiled egg and mix with a knob of butter for a tasty first food. 2. Slice up a boiled egg and add to a fish cake for extra protein. 3. Chop an omelette into strips for a tasty finger food. Omelettes are also perfect to hide vegetables like sliced peppers. 4. Crack open an egg onto a pizza then bake, making sure the yolk sets. 5. Soak bread in a whisked egg and milk mixture and fry to make eggy bread.

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    Scrambled eggs with sour cream(Jumari cu smantana)

      This a simple breakfast recipe from the romanian “repertoire”.    You will need the below ingredients for 1 person: 2 eggs salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp sour cream 1 pinch flour 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp herbs of Provence(or any combination of herbs that you might have) In a small bowl beat eggs lightly. Add salt and pepper. Warm a plate. In a cup or a small bowl mix the sour cream with the flour. Add the sour cream mixture to the eggs and beat until the mixture is smooth. Heat the butter in a small frying pan over medium hot heat. As soon as the foam…

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    Low Calorie Snacks

    No matter how much i try and to tell the truth quite often i just quit i don’t seem to lose weight as much as i wish i could! I am going to start this talk about dieting with a few tips about low calorie snacks. This is where i hit the worse! I eat healthy and little during my mealtimes but when it comes to snacking i fail. I believe that if I will try to keep the bad calorie foods or at least minimize them combined with exercise i will be able to loose weight soon…Maybe… So here are 10 low calorie snacks that i enjoy eating: 1.…