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    The embarrassment of being bilingual

    Today’s post comes from Laura Caputo-Wickham author of “A Fish in Foreign Waters“. As many other parents out there, my interest for bilingualism started with the birth of my first child. I followed her speech progress with enthusiasm and I was delighted every time my little one would say a word in the minority language. I still remember how chuffed it made me feel; “it’s simple really” I would tell my friends “I just speak Italian to her the whole time and she just gets it”. But one thing that children are particularly good at, is proving you wrong whenever you feel that you’re doing something right. And that was certainly…

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    Christmas Stories by Michael Morpurgo

    Michael Morpurgo book “Christmas Stories” could be the perfect Christmas present for your children.  The book contains not one but for Christmas stories: The Best Christmas Present in the World – a mysterious letter is found in a secret drawer and in one night it bring to life the Great War On Angel Wings – a singing of wings,a glorious light and a sudden beacon of brightness…a visit from the Angel Gabriel himself… The Best of Times – Prince and Princess marry but instead of joy a shadow hangs over the royal palace The Goose is Getting Fat – Gertrude is a goose and Charlie is looking after her. But…

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    The Day The Crayons Quit – Giveaway

    When i was a child my mum use to insist to make try and read a book every night. But the books i had were quite boring and without too many pictures so i found it quite difficult. What can i say growing up in Ceausescu time and post revolution was quite hard. These days it is easier as most of the books have really nice pictures and drawings. They invite young kids to sit and listen to stories while looking at the pictures. My 4 year old daughter loves it so much when her daddy and I read her stories. I am quite sure that as soon as she…