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    My dream winter home

    The winter holidays are approaching and there’s a lot of thinking in our home at the moment. Now that we have a car to take us around we really want to spend holidays again somewhere where is proper winter. Living in the south of the country it means that we don’t always get snow for Christmas or if we do that is not as much as you would get in the mountains. The girls really enjoyed being able to jump into big snow and sleigh on proper snow. I know I am an adult now and I should not dream at things that are impossible to achieve but I do.…

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    Top 10 things you should know before visiting Romania

    Romania is a beautiful country. It really needs to be more appreciated by people that live here and of course by people that visit. Compared  to 12 years ago when you rarely met a foreigner visiting my country(one of them is now my husband haha), Romania’s visitors certainly increased in the last couple of years. Some of our really good friends in UK visit Romania at least once a year and that is not because they come and visit us. They sometimes come to Romania to go skiing in the Carpathian Mountains or to sunbath on the beach along side the Black Sea. Yes, we do have a lot to…

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    Our 2017 Winter Holiday

    Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s been a while since I wrote on this blog but we’ve been quite busy during the winter holidays. Between celebrations, my work as a freelancer in the world of digital marketing and our prolonged trip to the mountains there was no time to spare whatsoever. But i’ve missed a lot writing here and I had to comeback and share with you a little bit about our last month. We were really happy that daddy was able to stay almost 6 weeks with us but as expected that made saying goodbye a couple of says ago even harder for all of us but especially…

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    A holiday with my daughters

    These days (since we moved back home anyway) we go on holiday as a family when daddy has a holiday from work. But as he is not coming until august this summer I thought that will be nice to treat my girls with a getaway to the beach anyway. Before he comes home we usually go to the outdoor pool in town or for a day trip to the beach. We live only about half an hour drive from the beach but as I didn’t manage to pass my driving exam last year it is still quite difficult to get there without a car. Sometimes my dad is taking us…

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    A Day out in Constanta, Romania

    We are very fortunate to live really close to the seaside and every now and then – more often in the summer – we drive there for a day out or more. This is what we’ve done the second day of Easter. It was a great day – very relaxed and filled with activities. The sun was up so we all walked along side the beach. The girls loved watching the waves splashing on the rocks and the seagulls flying and  hunting for fishes. We even went down below at the beach and throw little sea shells into the water – this was Anastasia’s favourite activity. It was hard to…

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    Visiting Romania: Club Villa Bran

    Romania is not a well known family holiday destination but since I arrived at home I discovered that bit by bit places start to be more welcoming for kids. This is why we decided to visit Club Villa Bran last year. Although we visited it because we wanted to celebrate my birthday when I reserved our places I done it with our girls in our mind. Club Villa Bran is located into a very beautiful area – near Bran Castle.   We visited at the end of September last year but I bet that during winter or summer days the pictures taken from the resort will look even nicer.  As my…

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    Bran – A place like no other

    When I am in the mountains I feel like I am finally home. I was born near the seaside and one would think that the sea should maybe be where I like it best. But it’s not. The green of the trees, the fresh air,the kindness of the people you can find up there…all makes me feel more alive and like life it’s worth living. Saying that I can’t quite believe it that this year I visited the mountains after a 10 year long absence. Bran “city” is full of history and stories about Dracula but as I said that’s not what attracts me. After we visited Bran Castle we…