• Visiting The Look Out Centre Bracknell
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    The Look Out Centre – Discovery

    It’s been a while since we visited The Look Out Centre in Bracknell but the experience and the fun we had there its still vivid in our memory. It was great fun there! And while you relax with a coffee your kids can play happily without the danger of getting bored! The centre is not huge(inside) but it has lots of interesting activities that your kids will enjoy and also have lots to learn from – science activities, discovery, water activities and lots and lots of balls and bricks! We visited the centre a couple of times as it was really close to the place my husband lives and as…

  • Peppa and George
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    A day out at Peppa Pig World

    Cartoons are a big part of children’s world – they are like movies for adults. Imagine being told you are only allowed to watch half an hour of your movie a day…that would be pretty much ridiculous don’t you think? I know people and studies say that we shouldn’t allow children under 3 to watch TV but I do let my youngest watch cartoon and I did it for my eldest too. I do however make sure that the cartoons they watch are as much as possible educational. Cartoons like Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly or Baby TV are some of the cartoons/channels my 2-year-old is allowed to watch.…

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    A Stay Of Premium Quality – Premier Inn

    Since changing my job just over a year ago I have become a well-travelled man.  Sometimes in Europe but mainly here in good old Blighty! That means, of course, that I have stayed in a multitude of hotels. Ranging from the basic to the luxurious, depending on what’s local to the place of work. But one hotel, or should I say chain of hotels, that I am never afraid of booking is Premier Inn. I find I can always book in confidence when it comes to Premier Inns. The beds are extremely comfortable (sometimes the best sleep I get) and the rooms are usually quite spacious and clean. There is…

  • Dr Who Experience Cardiff
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    The Doctor Who Experience

    Over the last year our eldest has become a big fan of Doctor Who. So on their recent trip back to the UK I thought it would be fun to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. (The spiritual home of the Current, revived series) She had no idea where we were taking her but as soon as she spotted the familiar shape of the Tardis in the distance she became very excited indeed. Once inside she was thrilled to see actual Daleks and other props from the new adventures. As was our youngest even though she had no idea who Doctor Who was. The tour is every 30 minutes…

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    Bracknell is not London

    I stated the obvious didn’t I? As you know we used to live in South West London until a couple of years ago when me and my two girls moved back for a while to my hometown – Medgidia,Romania. It was a hard move and the transition…oh my…from a busy working life to a “quiet” life as stay at home mum. Well if you are like me you know that life with kids is never dull and boring or quiet is just different isn’t it. So when it was time to comeback and visit daddy (until now he was the one making the trip to Romania) we were all very…

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    Day trip ideas for your elderly parent 

    As individuals get older, many will think they’ve been everywhere in the UK; but let’s be honest, it is very unlikely that they have. Typically, the elderly tend to want to visit somewhere interesting, where they can develop their knowledge on a particular subject and then pass their knowledge onto the grandchildren. It’s all about appearing wise with older age, right? Below is a list of interesting days out and things to do, which you might want to visit yourself, or suggest to your elderly loved one. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire Stately homes are always a good hit with the oldies. The large grounds contain a maze, sculptures, impressive ancient woodland…

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    6 Easter UK Breaks on Budget

    Easter is a great time to get away for a week or so. With the weather finally warming up (fingers crossed!) and the wonderful bank holidays to enjoy as well as the kids being off school, it is the perfect time to go out and see a bit more of the UK. Britain has some wonderful destinations which don’t require you to part with a small fortune in order to enjoy them. Here are some picks of the best places to visit this Easter. Culture in Liverpool Liverpool has been enjoying a renaissance of late. Since it’s Capital of Culture success in 2008, the city on Merseyside has gone from…