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    How To Ice A Christmas Cake With Ready To Roll Icing

    Source – rensawbaking.com Christmas is nearly here, and among the late night shopping, present wrapping and festive celebrations you need to find the time to make a Christmas cake for everyone to enjoy after that delicious roast dinner. Christmas cake is actually fairly straightforward to put together, but getting a pristine finish to the icing can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not used to using ready to roll icing. You’ll need a fruit cake for your base, which should then be coated in a marzipan layer to both trap in the moisture of the cake and provide a firm, smooth surface for the icing. Once you’ve applied the…

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    Listography – My top 5 Life Lessons

    The Listography is back! YEY! I didn’t join in as many times as i wanted too because i didn’t have as many things to say as the others but always enjoyed reading Kate’s posts and the other entries. On Sunday however Kate wrote a new Listography post and this time around the topic is life lessons – Top 5 life lessons. A difficult and serious one but if it will be to write it for my girls to read it in the years to come the life lessons will be: Smile, laugh and fall in love – This is something i learnt from my husband. If you start your day with…

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    Keep coughs and colds at bay

    Cold weather = coughs and colds. I hate being ill and when a cold hits me is the worse! Because i had to take the tonsils out when i was 5 years old when i get a cold is bad – the cough is always persistent and loud and while awake have to drink tea continuously as otherwise i keep on coughing.Have to say that this time around i am the last one that got ill in my house. Both girls had little colds that i treated at the first sign as it is better than let the cold evolve to the worse – chills and fever. I hate seeing…

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    Flowers and green in my hometown

    I must confess…i don’t have a garden actually although i would love to have one…My garden is very small and full of leaves and dirt at the moment. Hopefully next year in the spring i will start making it look a bit better. For now however i have to show you some pictures i took this week around my hometown. Most of them are with the flowers that the council planted. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are not that many things to photograph in my hometown..it’s really small and not very green but i am hoping to visit some friends gardens and snap some more while  out.

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    Spare bedding no worries

       Soon enough Anastasia as well as Kara will be using a big bed so mummy has to make sure that the girls have enough bedding. Or at least a spare one for each one of the girls. You might ask why but i believe it is a necessity. Besides the fact that the bedding can become dirty and i like changing them and washing them up weekly kids can have accidents.Although it’s been a long time since Kara was potty trained there are moments when she wets her bed. I really don’t understand how and why and bless her she doesn’t know either. I guess it happens because she…

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    A slice of Britain

    These last 6 months were hard and tough and brilliant all at the same time. The move, the distance, the leg, the depression, the change – everything affected me in so many different ways…mostly bad ways i guess.  I had moments when i was crying so much i didn’t know if i will ever be able to stop. I had moments when i felt so low and lost that i just wanted to go and hide in a room…hole somewhere away from everything and everybody. I know that this is my depression and anxiety talking but you understand what i mean. But then i will turn to the social media…

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    Friday Foodie – Baked

    I just love running this linky/round-up at the beginning of the weekend. It gives me and so many others inspiration. They were so many fantastic recipes submitted last week it was really hard to choose one recipe as a favourite. In the end i went for the recipe that make me feel of happy while reading the recipe, while looking at the pictures. So here it is – TA-DA! Easy Apple Tart Tatin with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Doesn’t look amazing? What else can you ask from a dessert if not the perfect combination between baked apple , ice cream and soft pastry? Thank you for sharing this recipe with…