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    Thomas the Tank Engine and Camping

    My husband I and really enjoy camping! Before we had our lovely daughter we use to go camping quite often but since she was born we avoided camping until this year when she turn 2 years old. We were quite scared to how she will react to the joys of camping like sleeping in a tent or being outside for 24 hours. The first time we went camping she was so tired that as soon as i lay her down on our blow up bed she fell asleep instantly! But in this post i would like to talk more about our second experience camping in the EcoCamp – Sustainability Centre…

  • Desserts,  Romanian Dishes

    Turta Dulce

     Another romanian recipe for my readers today. I didn’t put the translation in english because i am not sure how you translate it…if you have any ideas please let me know. These “Turta dulce” is good with tea, coffe and wine and i can guarantee that your kids will love them too! For this recipe you will need the follow ingredients: * 500 g bee honey * 500 g sugar * 200 g walnuts (cut into pieces) * 100 ml rum * 1 teaspoon bicarbonate * 4 eggs * 1 kg flour * 1 tip teaspoon black pepper * 3 teaspoons cinnamon * clove, nutmeg * 50 g butter Mix…

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    The Enchanted Party Shop

      The Enchanted Party Shop – please visit this online shop as it is absolutely wonderful and it deserves our applauds when it comes to the selection of little party presents they have and the prices.  If you compare what you find at this online shop with what you can find in the high street shops – you can even compare it.  My daughter loved every single thing that she found in her party bag:   As you all see my daughter loved her new lolly, glasses, new book,ring or balloon. They were other things in there but some are in her hair or scattered around. After having a look…

  • Soups

    Peasant soup – Supa taraneasca

    For this easy recipe you will need the below ingredients: 2 pound of any vegetables in season 1 oz sour cream or the yolk of an egg mixed with cream 1 or 2 diced onions 1 tbsp of vegetable oil salt and pepper Cut the vegetables small and cook in the fat for a few moments. Cover with boiling water and simmer for about an hour.Cover with boiling water and simmer for about an hour.Add seasoning according with your taste.

  • Soups

    Lettuce Soup-Supa de salata

    Ingredients: 4 tbsp. butter or minced bacon 1 minced onion 1 bud garlic, minced 2 heads lettuce (about 2 lbs in all) Lemon juice 2 cups water 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup table cream Minced parsley Salt and pepper Cook slowly minced onion and garlic in melted fat until soft but not brown. Wash lettuce, tear leaves in small pieces, add to cooked onions and cook about 10 more minutes. Add salt, pepper, water and simmer 15 minutes. Add lemon juice and simmer 5 more minutes. Meanwhile, beat yolk in large serving bowl and add cream. Pour soup very slowly, drop by drop, over egg mixture stirring vigorously to prevent…