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    No more holiday nightmares with Luxury for Less

    I met my husband about 12 years ago when he was travelling/backpacking around Europe. It was his first night in Bucharest actually when I met him and as he was telling me about his stories I wished one day to travel as much as him. Little that we know that we will fall in love, get married and have kids one day and our plans will have to wait for when we are old. I can’t say that we are not travelling though. We’ve been places together alone and with the kids since their blessed our life with their presence. When you travel you feel different, is like you can…

  • Keep Your Relationship Successful In A Long Distance Marriage
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    Keep Your Relationship Successful In A Long Distance Marriage

    It seems that no matter what one does there are always people who worry more about whats happening with you and your relationship than you sometimes. It’s our case as well. I am often asked… “Is it not too hard to be apart and still have a good amorous relationship? You are not scared that he will cheat on you? I mean you are always with the girls…but him…” I always answer…”We love each other a lot and we try to keep our relationship fun and alive as much as possible.” Although apart our relationship is pretty much the same as all the other relationships. The only difference is that when…

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    A day out at Peppa Pig World

    Cartoons are a big part of children’s world – they are like movies for adults. Imagine being told you are only allowed to watch half an hour of your movie a day…that would be pretty much ridiculous don’t you think? I know people and studies say that we shouldn’t allow children under 3 to watch TV but I do let my youngest watch cartoon and I did it for my eldest too. I do however make sure that the cartoons they watch are as much as possible educational. Cartoons like Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly or Baby TV are some of the cartoons/channels my 2-year-old is allowed to watch.…

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    Being at home is great!

    And so the holiday is now finished! Back to my home town and life of a “single” mother. From the moment we arrived at the airport everything seemed to get back to it’s place. My girls and my parents were so happy to see each other again and of course my eldest was the one that was the most talkative all the way from the airport to my hometown. Unfortunately I don’t take any pictures of them together to see their enthusiasm of getting together again. It was night and we were all very tired…My mum even share a tear when she saw all of us arrive through the airport…

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    June YouTube Favourites

    It’s been a while since our last YouTube Favourites posts but here we are again! Although I recorded quite a LOT of videos in the past month I hardly edited any! I know I am a lazy bum! but when you have two kids under the age of 6 it happens and plus I am not very good at editing so it takes me a while! But despite all I still uploaded a couple of videos on my own channel Otilia Stocks and on my eldest channel Boog TV.  Here is the latest uploaded: It’s a small world – Disneyland Paris Yes there is a lot to catch up from…

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    Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends!

    Last month we visited Disneyland Paris as a family but didn’t really write a lot about it over here yet. We loved it so thought that it will be nice to share some of the good times we had there with you. One of the surprises that we prepared for our daughters was the fact that we will go to the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends! I didn’t know what to expect really but husband was very excited to take the girls and do you know what they loved it. Both of them even though the youngest is only 2 and a half. Even now a month after…

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    March YouTube Favourites

    Here we are with the second post on YouTube favourites. Although we (hubby, I) filmed quite a lot in the last month I didn’t really had a lot of time to edit videos but we continue to love watching things on YouTube. Ok daddy is watching only the things we send him but the girls and I are quite addicted to it so of course we have to tell you all about it too. Since our last post we only published only one post on logging but it contains one video with me and one with my youngest which is a great treat! Do visit and see what we have to say…