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    My 2011 Highs and Lows

    I did write a different post about my last year 2011 but the other week the lovely lady that blogs as A hell of a woman tagged me to take part and share my highs and lows with the world.She was also tagged by a different blogger – Kate over at Kate On Thin Ice – that set the rules: 1. Answer the 12 questions set by Kate 2. Tag as few or as many people as you like to do the same 3. Leave a comment on Kate’s original post here so she can have a read of your answers 1. What was your happiest event? I had many…

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    2011 was….

    The below is just a highlight of the things that happen to me in 2011. There is nothing major I guess but just things that are important to me and changed me as a person. 2011 was the year when: – I turn 31 which in my eyes makes me a mature person-that’s it now there is no was back; – I stopped using Citalopram and started to take the life events straight on; – my daughter turn 2 years old; – last August we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary; – last December we celebrated 7 years since my hubby and I met; – Finished decorating our bathroom in the…