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    Who are you to judge?

    As I don’t want to disappoint you…today I have a new funny cartoon about social network: Now a funny story about my little one: We started to potty train boogie about a month and a half ago. She is still wearing nappies at night but most nights the nappies are dry. However, when we go out to shops sometimes she has some kind of…”fear”…regarding the public toilets. She doesn’t do it all the time and sometimes she is perfectly fine. I am not sure why but that happen today as well. She hold it for so long and even when I took her to the toilet she was somehow stopping…

  • Family Stories,  My thoughts and sorrows

    Funny things

    #SunFun – today is the second time I am taking part. The first funny thing that I would like to share with you is something that my daughter said today. Every day she gets more and more funny and she is acting a lot like a little lady. Today when on the way back from the park we had to climb up the stairs that take us to our flat. As soon as we get into the house she said: “That was such a hard work!” followed by “Phew!”. The second one is a picture I found on the Internet…again with the subject “Social network”: For more pop over at…

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    Sunday Funny

    My first post for #SunFun and I am doing so late in the day. I apologise. We we’ve been out but I really wanted to do my bit today. So here is my entry: Of course this is something I found on the Internet but I find it quite funny as we both, my hubby and I, use twitter quite a lot. Me more than him. Hope you like it. This week #sunfun is hosted over at Actually Mummy. Go over and check some more funny entries.