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    Parenthood – a historic timeline

    Being a parent is one of the hardest and most beautiful jobs in the whole world. ┬áPlus very rewarding let’s not forget. Seeing your child smile and thrive is what we all work for let’s face it. However, ever since you tell people about your good news “We are going to have a baby!” the questions start pouring! “Did you decide what you going to do? Are you going to try and give birth naturally or just book for a caesarean?” “Home birth, water birth or hospital?” “Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?” “What type of nappies you want to use disposable or not?” You don’t even have time…

  • Bubbaroo

    Baby A loves Bubbaroo Joey Swag sleep bags

    Ever since I had my first daughter 4 years ago I knew that I will never use blankets in the cot. I remember seeing the words SIDS in all the books that I read about pregnancy and babies. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death, is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well baby. – source NHS I start using baby sleeping bags with Kara from the age of 2 weeks only and she loved it. In the first two weeks I used a swaddling blanket but even then I remember sitting next to the of scared that something will happen to my little…

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    My photos of the week

    Not sure if i already told you but on 2nd of May we are flying to Romania for holidays or maybe for even longer. We don’t know yet. It depends how much me and the girls will like it there. This is why we’ve been trying to take pictures with Anastasia but that is not always an easy thing. It was quite funny actually. Even Kara joined her…. I am sharing with you some of the pictures we took:

  • Photography

    Saturday is caption day 1/12

    The picture i am sharing with you today is more than 3 years old. I used to have dressing up my daughter since she was only a couple of days old. In the picture below she is 4 months old and probably quite annoyed with how many pictures her mummy was taking. Would love if you could give us a caption for it too.

  • Family Stories

    Birth, babies and a doula

    My daughter was born following an emergency c-section. I was really disappointed that I was unable to give birth naturally and in water as I wanted to. You might ask why? Well it was because my labour didn’t go as I was expecting and I didn’t dilate fast enough or “failed to progress” to enable a natural birth. I will not go into details because the whole experience brings back bad feelings and I don’t want to talk about negativeness in this post. All I will say though is that all I can remember regarding the actual birth of my daughter is the cold and bright room – the theatre…

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    Boogie is growing

    Morning 7.50 am – preparing to leave the house to walk boogie to nursery.Boogie at the door: Mum! Mummy! Come on I’m waiting for you!Mummy(drinking her last mouth of coffee): Hold on I’m coming…Boogie:Come on! I want to show my friends my hair!Mummy:Ok let’s go!Boogie:Oh mummy you are always late! ;Hm…I guess she learned that from somewhere)Now going down on the stair boogie with her Minnie doll in arms.Boogie:I’m holding Minnie in my arms because I don’t have a baby in my tummy so I can.Mummy: Yes sweetheart that’s right you are too little.Boogie: But you can’t hold me mummy cause I’m too heavy and have my sister in your…