• 7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn
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    7 Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas with a Newborn

    Babies are wonderful especially when they come during Christmas. With one in your arms now, you’ve not only gotten an early Christmas present, but also the best. And while it will be amazing to cuddle the little pumpkin on his first ever Noelly celebration, it is also that type of day where things can get nuts especially for a new momma and her needy new baby.  Without any assistance or a twist in the normal agenda of baking, cooking, decorating the home and endlessly receiving visitors who have come to celebrate Christmas with the newest member of the family, the stress can come down really hard on you. But that…

  • Routine always works
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    Routine always works

    I believe strongly that making sure you are establishing a good routine for your kids at a very early age it will help you and them greatly. I am not one of the most organised people when it comes to other things but regarding my kids and their nap times and bedtime I am. I had Kara on a routine from the beginning and when Anastasia was born I knew that I will need to do the same. Of course in the first couple of days and weeks you can’t expect a new born to just follow it. But then later after 6-8 it will be different. Babies and kids…

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    Baby A is “walking”(video time)

    Ok. She’s not really walking properly but she walks around the furniture, she’s walking when she is pushing her walker or her wood chair…so i guess this is walking or is just called cruising? I am not sure but wanted to mark the change in my daughter’s development with a video. I am still learning the art of the videos and i am only using my Iphone camera so it is not very good…Hopefully for Christmas i will get a camera…wink wink to hubby?

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    Baby Anastasia – 10 months old

    Anastasia is 10 months old today and one thing is clear – she is almost not a baby anymore. Her personality started to bloom and i now know for sure that like her sister she will become a lovely little child stubborn but beautiful. She still has blue eyes and i hope that they will remain blue. Her sisters are greener like her daddy’s and although they are still beautiful it will be great if at least Anastasia will keep the blue. Every day my two girls are playing nicer and nicer together. It’s so nice to see. It is one of the things my sister and i never had…

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    Development and video time with Baby A

    Lots happened in the last couple of weeks with Anastasia. She turned 9 months on the 2nd of September and since then her development went sky high. She started to sit on her knees a lot better, she started to crawl a lot better – there are moments when i have to almost run to get to her, she laughs so soundly and she really knows what play is. Many times even she initiate the play with her sister and me. She even plays very nicely by herself these days. I put her a plastic box full of toys only for her in our living room and she spends lots of…

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    9 months full of play, joy and love

     My little Baby A the one that i got so worried about after i just gave her birth is growing up fast and thriving. She is a happy baby. She smiles at everybody and always wants to play. She mostly loves playing with her 4 year old sister. When Kara plays with her she laughs soundly. And when she laughs i feel like the happiest person alive. I love her! And i love her sister! Seeing my baby girls playing with each other and laughing with other is the best thing ever. It makes my heart melt, it makes me warm inside, it makes me happy and makes me feel…

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    Loving you….

    The day you were born i felt that my life was complete You, your sister and your daddy mean everything to me Without the three of you I will be nothing. The moment they pass you into my arms a tear fell down my cheek It was a happiness tear. The first couple of weeks after you were born were difficult for both of us but bit by bit those moments passed and we adapted. Now I just can’t imagine my life without you, your gurgles, your smiles and simple the way you look into my eyes. You are such a good baby. A smiler. Everybody says it. Of course…