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    How to baby proof your home

    My Baby Anastasia is now 6 months old! I just can’t believe it! I know I keep saying here quite a lot but time it’s passing way too fast! In the last 3-4 weeks Anastasia passed quite a few milestones. She started solids, she now sits up on her bum properly (well for about 5-10 min at the time so I still need to make sure I put pillows around her), rolling from front to back and from back to front and even crawling. Well it’s not a perfect crawling but she’s getting around more or less which makes me worry about the environment she lives in. In our apartment…

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    Baby Anastasia – 12 weeks and video time

    I just love spending time with my baby. I love her more each day and she makes my heart warm inside with every single smile. And she smiles a lot. I am blessed to be the mother of yet another beautiful girl. She loves cuddles and being talked to. Look how cute she is in the video below: Please time stop! I want my kids to stay happy and cute forever!

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    My breastfeeding journey and my tips

    It really feels like a journey. You know I actually thought that breastfeeding will come a lot easier the second time around but it certainly was not the case. It was actually harder this time. At least this is the way it felt. With my first daughter, I got sore and bleeding but then I realised that the position was not good so when I change the way I was holding her everything was ok and I managed to breastfeed her up to 9 months. With this last pregnancy it was a bit different…. It started well but my baby didn’t seem to be able to open her mouth properly.…

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    Baby Anastasia is 10 weeks old

    Time flies…it seems that all my posts about my kids start the same. 10 weeks since Anastasia came into this world. We had tough times. We had good times. When she smiles and cues all the bad is forgotten. I can’t explain in words how happy I feel! Kara shows how much she loves her sister more each day. Every time she gets next to her she kisses her. She says she can’t wait to play with her! Anastasia is like a flower that is blooming a little bit more each day. She’s more beautiful with each day passing. She smiles and looks up so happily. Some of my mummy…

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    Keeping the balance during February half term holidays

    Half term is just around the corner which means that once again I will have on my hands two kids full time: my baby and my toddler. It will be such a challenge. Having a baby that breastfeeds every 2-3 hours and a 3 and a half year old that wants more or less constant attention will be really tiring. There are so many wonderful cheap UK breaks out there but unfortunately daddy has to work that week. So for sure I will have to find ways to keep busy. I’m planning to keep my eldest busy with puzzles, crafts and drawing while at home. And maybe she could help…

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    Sister love

    Our life as a family changed at the beginning of December forever. We used to be a family of 3 and we are now a family of 4. We now have not only one beautiful little girl but two. I’m happy. It just feels perfect. Now our family is complete. I have a sister and she’s my best friend although we lie in different countries. I hope my daughters will be best friends. Nobody will love you more and unconditionally. And I’m happy to say that my eldest already shows how much she loves her baby sister. It’s lovely when good and new changes are happening!