• Romanian bean soup #recipe
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    Romanian bean soup

    The bean soup – “Ciorba de fasole” – is probably one of the most traditional dishes in Romania. It’s easy to make and everybody knows how to do it. Women anyway. Ingredients for about 4 portions: -250 g white beans; -a big onion; -one big carrot; -one small parsnip; -one small celery root; -one red pepper; -one tsp of sweet paprika; -one tbsp of tomato paste(optional) – a pinch of dried thyme; -salt; -3 tbsp of oil; Wash the beans and put them to boil. The water just needs to cover slightly the beans and no more. Boil until the skin starts to become wrinkled. At that point change the…

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    Bean and tomato spread

    The Romanian translation would be Zacusca de fasole. You see my family – hubby and boogie – don’t like aubergines so even if traditionally this spread is made with them I thought I should give it a try to the beans one. Well my idea came last weekend when we visited our dear Romanian friends for New Year. My friend Ioana had a jar of shop bought zacusca and I loved it! I think I end up eating the whole thing myself. So…I decided to google the recipe and give it a try and cook it. All the Romanian blog sites are full of ideas and different ingredients for this…