• Tasty and healthy dinner

    Now that I am on the Dukan diet (well I am on it since 2 weeks ago) I am trying to cook something healthy and appealing for the whole family. I am happy to say that the three of us enjoyed the salad with grilled chicken and beef:

  • Lettuce Soup-Supa de salata

    Ingredients: 4 tbsp. butter or minced bacon 1 minced onion 1 bud garlic, minced 2 heads lettuce (about 2 lbs in all) Lemon juice 2 cups water 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup table cream Minced parsley Salt and pepper Cook slowly minced onion and garlic in melted fat until soft but not brown. Wash lettuce, tear leaves in small pieces, add to cooked onions and cook about 10 more minutes. Add salt, pepper, water and simmer 15 minutes. Add lemon juice and simmer 5 more minutes. Meanwhile, beat yolk in large serving bowl and add cream. Pour soup very slowly, drop by drop, over egg mixture stirring vigorously to prevent…