• How to raise bilingual kids
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    How to raise bilingual kids

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that my girls are bilingual. Obviously, I am Romanian but their daddy is English so although we don’t live in England anymore I am trying as much as I can to teach my girls about their home country as well. They were both born at St’ George’s Hospital in Wandsworth, London. Miss K lived half her life in London and half in my hometown and if you ask her what nationality she is she will always say: “First english, than Romanian”. For my youngest, Miss A things are a little bit different you see. At first she looks puzzled…

  • A fish in Foreign Waters
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    The embarrassment of being bilingual

    Today’s post comes from Laura Caputo-Wickham author of “A Fish in Foreign Waters“. As many other parents out there, my interest for bilingualism started with the birth of my first child. I followed her speech progress with enthusiasm and I was delighted every time my little one would say a word in the minority language. I still remember how chuffed it made me feel; “it’s simple really” I would tell my friends “I just speak Italian to her the whole time and she just gets it”. But one thing that children are particularly good at, is proving you wrong whenever you feel that you’re doing something right. And that was certainly…

  • Anastasia
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    My bilingual 21 month old

    Our journey as a bilingual family continues and is more fun than ever especially because of my youngest daughter Anastasia. She is now 21 months old and loves discovering her surroundings more than ever. She loves singing, adores dancing and her vocabulary is increasing by the minute! We continue to speak to them in both languages – Romanian and English and she understands both although in my opinion she understand english better than romanian. Better said…she is more receptive to english than romanian. Vocabulary Her vocabulary has mixed words in romanian and english. She identifies some things in romanian and some things on english. An example is in the video…