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    June YouTube Favourites

    It’s been a while since our last YouTube Favourites posts but here we are again! Although I recorded quite a LOT of videos in the past month I hardly edited any! I know I am a lazy bum! but when you have two kids under the age of 6 it happens and plus I am not very good at editing so it takes me a while! But despite all I still uploaded a couple of videos on my own channel Otilia Stocks and on my eldest channel Boog TV.  Here is the latest uploaded: It’s a small world – Disneyland Paris Yes there is a lot to catch up from…

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    A slice of Britain

    These last 6 months were hard and tough and brilliant all at the same time. The move, the distance, the leg, the depression, the change – everything affected me in so many different ways…mostly bad ways i guess.  I had moments when i was crying so much i didn’t know if i will ever be able to stop. I had moments when i felt so low and lost that i just wanted to go and hide in a room…hole somewhere away from everything and everybody. I know that this is my depression and anxiety talking but you understand what i mean. But then i will turn to the social media…

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    Pregnancy diary week 29

    Another week passed by…not uneventful either… I didn’t have any doctor appointments but I had more days when I felt horrible this week rather then happy and content. I found myself crying even more. I even cried because somebody pushed me when I was traveling with the tube. Turns out that life as a pregnant woman in London is not easy at all. Bet this is not a surprise to you ladies though. This week I sat down with the human resources and had my risk assessment and decided when my last day at work will be. My last day at work is the 19th of October and my actual…

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    The Britmums Live Aftermath!

    Full of emotion and with a heart pounding this weekend I participated at the annual conference for bloggers Britmums Live! Now sitting on my couch and writing I feel so tired I can barely move. It was an weekend full of lots of new things to learn, meeting friends that I met in real life before and friends I met for the first time too. Oh and let’s not forget the goodies! I end up leaving with like 5 bags from the conference! I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed though…and maybe a bit out of place…There were so many well known and successful bloggers there…plus VIP’s…

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    Cooking evening with Morrisons

    Last week I was very lucky to be invited to a cooking experience hosted by Morrisons. It was a very exciting and cheerful evening. As soon as we arrived at the event we were greeted with drink and coffee. As you might already know Morrisons is one of the biggest food retailers in UK. Morrisons owns 476 stored and their business is mainly food and grocery. The unique thing about Morrisons is the fact that they use their own manufacturing facilities and this gives them control over the provenance and the quality of food. We were invited to the event to be presented the new M savers range of products.…