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    Blogging: Where to Start & Ways to Promote Your Content

    I started blogging a bit over four years ago and since then I learned quite a lot of things about what it means to be a blogger. When I started I didn’t consider all the things that included life as a blogger – the things I know now for example. I started blogging because I wanted to have somewhere to vent, speak about my feelings, a place of my own. I never ever considered that someone will actually read , like and follow this blog. I never considered/ I don’t consider myself a successful blogger (at least not as successful as other fantastic bloggers out there that really have a…

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    Facebook newsfeed update

    I don’t normally write posts like this but I’ve been reading a lot of social media articles recently and felt that I want to tell you my opinion too. Over the past 5 years I’ve been falling in and off in my affair with Facebook. As most of my real life friends are also on Facebook I felt that sometimes I had to spill my thoughts to the world without being criticised. This is why I use to love twitter so much..the conversations I used to have on Twitter for hours and hours. But then I discovered that I could do the same thing in Facebook Groups if they are…

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    I am going to Webstock 2013

    I am sure that it is probably the first time you hear about Webstock 2013¬†(if you are British). Well it is OK though as i didn’t know before i came to Romania either. Webstock 2013 is the most important blogging conference. It looks like only the good ones – bloggers and social media people are getting to take part. This is why i was chuffed when the call came on Thursday announcing me that i am one of the accredited bloggers invited to take part at the conference. Looks like it is going to be a big deal and i am absolutely terrified. As you know i’ve been to conferences…

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    Words of Wisdom 14/5

    This week I wondered if I should continue writing the “Words of Wisdom” series on my blog…. Then I even wondered if I should continue writing at all and if maybe the blog is not what I need in my life at the moment…Maybe you noticed that I didn’t write a lot anyway and that my posts are rather full of self pity? Who wants to write a blog that is always depressing? I mean seriously! But then the lovely Annie the mother of http://mammasaurus.co.uk/ and LoveAllBlogs asked me to be part of the Love New Blogs team. I love her work and what she’s been doing for new and…

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    The other day when I was reading the complains of one of the quite successful mummy bloggers in regards to other bloggers using her blog as promotion for their own blogs – the idea of this post sprung into my head.Why do I blog? I don’t blog to advertise myself on other bloggers pages! I don’t blog for money or attention! I don’t blog to have I don’t know how many followers! I don’t blog because I want to be famous! I don’t blog because I want freebies from PR agencies! I blog because I want to keep in contact with my family! I blog because I feel that sometimes…

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    First Day

    I am going to give this a try…don’t know how is going to work..but i hope it will help… as the title says i am a romanian¬†mum living in London with my daughter and my husband. my life is shared between family life and work. not very interesting i know. Life can be hard and funny at the same time. Been here for a bit more than 4 years now…and my life is changing more and more each day. i am hoping writting here will help my sanity. i will try to be funny and helpfull all at the same time. but for now…see ya!!!