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    My baby girl is not longer a baby

      You! You are an amazing little lady! Today you officially finished Year 1 here in Romania! You make me feel so proud! And like your teacher was saying a couple of months ago you are a spectacle! Although I had doubts about you handling school here after spending only one year in Romania two years ago you just proved that you are an amazing, clever child! You’ve done better than just handling school. You have amazing grades for a child that did’t even know how to speak properly in Romanian because she was still only thinking in English. You even have better grades than some of your colleagues that…

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    My little tomato

    Last weekend we went out to Dean City Farm as my eldest daughter wanted to go for a pony ride. It was miserable outside though so we didn’t stay very long. But..while we were there boogie had fun. She loved her pony ride and playing around expeacially pretending to be a tomato. I’m linking this picture with the #SocialPix linky on Love all blogs. The picture was previously shared via Instagram last week.  

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    Funny talk

    As we don’t know what we are expecting we decided to find names for both:boy and girl. We already have some but as it happens my cousin called him boy the name we like. My daughter was a witness at this discussion tonight: Mummy: Boogie what do you think? How should we call you brother? Boogie: I want a sister.(And she turneu smilling) That’s all! We just found what she said really funny. This week we are linking up again to Actually Mummy Wot So Funee.

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    Satcap 30/6

    A bit later than usual with my satcap today but better then never i guess. This picture was taken while on holiday in Majorca: So if you have a caption please go on and leave me a comment. Have a great rest of the weekend! This week the Satcap is hosted by the one and only Jenny Paulin – Mummy Mishaps because Annie is on holiday.  

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    Yesterday I allowed my daughter to play with paint. She loved it! See what she’s been up to it: This is my funny post for SunFun! Hope you found it funny too! Pointless to say she had to have a bath when she finished with the painting! Did you notice her outfit changed from red to blue? For more fun this Sunday click on the badge below and you will be directed to Actually Mummy website:

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       The picture i am choosing for today’s SatCap is about a year old. I love my daughter’s cheeky face in it: The washing line defeat Please feel free to leave a caption if you have one. The #SatCap is hosted as usually at Mammasaurus Blog and i have to tell you her entry is one of the best this week!

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    Boogie and the snow

    Ok so it snowed this weekend but not enough i should say. It was enough snow for my daughter however who really enjoy jumping up and down in “muddy” puddles!                 So here is a video with my daughter!But please ignore mummy’s cigarettes on the floor! And the noise as daddy is making mummy a coffee.