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    Bran – A place like no other

    When I am in the mountains I feel like I am finally home. I was born near the seaside and one would think that the sea should maybe be where I like it best. But it’s not. The green of the trees, the fresh air,the kindness of the people you can find up there…all makes me feel more alive and like life it’s worth living. Saying that I can’t quite believe it that this year I visited the mountains after a 10 year long absence. Bran “city” is full of history and stories about Dracula but as I said that’s not what attracts me. After we visited Bran Castle we…

  • Bran Castle, Brasov
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    A family visit to Bran Castle

    Time has a wonderful way of showing what matters. And so these last couple of months time (life) show me that it is important to give my all to my family. Although I do need to find some balance between time given to the family and time given to myself I couldn’t agree more with the fact that time shown me that my girls and my hubby really needed me these last couple of weeks. But about that in a different post. I am now here to tell you about Bran Castle – a proof that time really show us what matters. I am sure that most of you heard…

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    Healthy pancakes?!?

    You might laugh but the healthy pancakes really exist and I’m going to show you how to make them. First though I need to tell you why I chose to make this healthy option. I didn’t mention it before but at the same time with listening the “Thinking Slimmer” Slimpod I am following the Dukan diet as well. Dukan diet is based on eating proteins as a main food, followed by vegetables and no carbohydrates. I thought it will be quite hard as I used to love (I still do) my potatoes, pasta, and rice. Even though you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates you still need to have oat…