• Bran Castle, Brasov
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    A family visit to Bran Castle

    Time has a wonderful way of showing what matters. And so these last couple of months time (life) show me that it is important to give my all to my family. Although I do need to find some balance between time given to the family and time given to myself I couldn’t agree more with the fact that time shown me that my girls and my hubby really needed me these last couple of weeks. But about that in a different post. I am now here to tell you about Bran Castle – a proof that time really show us what matters. I am sure that most of you heard…

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    Castles of Transilvania

    Car rentals are so readily available these days that they offer a great excuse for dashing off to places you’ve often dreamt of visiting, without having to worry about the often Byzantine public transport systems of some destinations, especially those of Eastern Europe. Romania is a case in point. Still recovering from the ravages of Ceausescu, whose taste for concrete would have turned the whole country into a giant Southbank Centre given long enough, Romania is rediscovering its fascinating heritage and starting to draw in the tourists. Anyone with a taste for medieval fairytale castles and a passing interest in vampires will have a field day here, and other perhaps less…