• Scramble Eggs Recipe
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    Scramble Eggs Recipe with a difference

        Scramble eggs is a recipe that everybody knows and loves especially in England. I discovered this dish one sunday morning when a bit hangover I went out for breakfast with my beloved husband at one of the many cafes in Hammersmith, London. The first time I thought: “why is everybody raving about them?there’s nothing special about it!” ¬†But then as my husband and my girls love them I tried and tried several times to make the perfect scramble eggs. I had breakfast disasters and not so bad breakfasts but then as I was watching one of my cookery channels, a Gordon Ramsey programs started and he demonstrated how…

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    Heinz Breakfast Range(Review)

    A little while back i was writing you about the Heinz Baby Pouches¬†– Baby A really enjoyed them and my husband even both some to have for the moments when mummy doesn’t feel like cooking or for when we are out and about. Now the time has come to tell you a bit about Heinz new Breakfast baby range – one that even if she is almost 5 years old Kara enjoys too. I guess is because her younger sister is eating them too. But what exactly does the Heinz Breakfast range includes? Breakfast cereals: smooth baby rice, creamy oat porridge, summer fruit cereals, blueberry porridge; New ready-to-eat breakfast pots:…

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    Eggy bread recipe

    One of my favourite breakfast when I was a child was “Eggy bread”. My grandmother use to make a lot if it! I remember the plates having mountains of it on! Maybe they look as big because I was little? LOL Here’s the recipe: Take two eggs and beat them with a fork in a big enough bowl. Add 100 ml of milk and best again until all mixed. On the hob warm the frying pan with a bit of oil in it. Dip in the bread in the mixture of milk and egg and when the bread is very wet and the frying pan is hot add the bread.…