• Wedding in Bucharest
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    Sisters in June – travelling by train and a wedding in Bucharest

    Almost a month since I last wrote on this blog…Time moves way to fast at the moment and I seem unable to face it. Husband was home for the last three weeks as well and we’ve been quite busy doing things but I still feel like I didn’t achieve anything. My sister was here for a couple of weeks too before my husband arrived so there wasn’t so much time for blogging I guess. We spent a lot of time together and because my husband had to work every day and my eldest had to be in school Monday – Friday we didn’t actually go away for long. We did…

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    I am going to Webstock 2013

    I am sure that it is probably the first time you hear about Webstock 2013 (if you are British). Well it is OK though as i didn’t know before i came to Romania either. Webstock 2013 is the most important blogging conference. It looks like only the good ones – bloggers and social media people are getting to take part. This is why i was chuffed when the call came on Thursday announcing me that i am one of the accredited bloggers invited to take part at the conference. Looks like it is going to be a big deal and i am absolutely terrified. As you know i’ve been to conferences…

  • Romanian Traditions

    I want snow!!!

    Here is how the weather is in Bucharest – where i use to live until 7 years ago: I wonder now… Metoffice announced yellow alert of snow in London tomorrow. Despite that i really don’t think it will get at this level. Beautiful isn’t it? And some pictures from the seaside:

  • mititei
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    Mititei – Little grilled sausages (The Wee Ones)

    It is time for another recipe for one of our unique Romanian dishes. “Mititei” have been associated with Romanian cuisine since about 1865-1866. In Bucharest, on Covaci street, a popular inn named “La Iordachi” (At Iordachi’s), was well known for its delicious sausages. One night, so the story goes, the kitchen ran out of one kind of sausage, so they mixed the ingredients left over, roll them into small sausage shaped patties, and grilled them on charcoal without the usual casing. Their regular customers loved them so much that they asked for more of “the wee ones without skin” and with time they became known as “mititei” or “the wee…

  • My thoughts and sorrows

    Love and marriage

    24 years old , Bucharest, single and working in HR. My life was split between work and going out. my only worry was my next outfit for the next day or what i should wear that night for not going out! i always had this complex about looking fat! well i always been a bit rounder than any of my friends or sister, but now i realise that i was looking quite good then. Talks me now that weights 20 kg more than then… i know i know that this is after a pregnancy and all but still… But let’s get back to 6 years ago…one night on the 18th…