• Carrot biscuits recipe

    Carrot biscuits

    Last weekend I baked carrot biscuits. Saturday morning I discovered that the carrots o had started to get a bit mouldy and something had to be done. So I start looking for a recipe. I found one on a Romanian website/forum but I think that the lady didn’t write all the quantities correctly as when all mixed everything was a bit dry. So I added a bit more oil and a bit more of others and I managed to bake some quite nice biscuits.   I know they might not be the best looking biscuits/cookies but my daughter and my hubby love them. They are not very sugary either so…

  • Main Dishes

    Roast chicken dinner

    Today I would like to share with you a recipe that I cooked for my family at the end of last week. It is inspired by one of the recipes that can be find on the Morrisons website under the M Savers recipes. So on Saturday we went shopping to Morissons and bought everything that we need it for this week. I was very please when the total came to only £37.13. It usually goes up to over 60-70£. I think the big difference is the fact that we bought quite a lot of products from the M savers range. One of the products is this chicken below for which…

  • Soups

    Soup a la slow cooker

    So yesterday I decided to use my slow cooker again. I think we bought it about 5 years ago but only used it a couple of times – maximum 10 times. I think is just that I find it a bit difficult to just forget about the conventional way of cooking . But yesterday it just seem handy to just put everything in the slow cooler and leave it cook while I was cleaning up the house. So then I put a litre of water in the slow cooker and cover just to let it boil for a little bit. In the meantime I just prepared the vegetables. You see…