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    New app – Peppa Pig Theme Park

    My daughter could watch Peppa Pig – the cartoon over and over again. The same applies to playing her Peppa Pig apps on my iPad or phone. This is why when the new app was released i couldn’t say no to download it. Thanks to P2 Games we get to try these apps first hand which is quite nice. The app was released back in October but i wanted my daughter to try it for a while before i recommend it to you as well. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Ipod touch and to download it costs £3.99. I know it is a bit more pricey than the…

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    Peppa Pig’s Sports Day App

    A new Peppa Pig App is out and about! And this time is very exciting as it fits what is happening these days with the Olympics. Do you watch the Olympics? I do! I watch them also because I am stuck at home but most of all because I do enjoy it. Especially gymnastics! So check this new app from P2 games: As I said before here my daughter loves Peppa Pig! We did feature the release of the 1st app and of course here it is the one for this one! The app is available for iPhone and iPad and as we have both in our house – we…

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    Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 – Competition

    As you can imagine my daughter was very happy when I gave her this DVD. She loves cartoons but when they have princesses or Barbie and lots and lots of pink in them they are even more interesting for her. She also loves the fact that this cartoon is about swimming. You see she start learning how to swim when she was about 9 months old and by now at 3 years old she master it. She can even swim under water unlike her mother.Unfortunately the British kids do not know a lot about swimming or sea side. Research to mark the launch of the splashing new Barbie DVD A…

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    Words of Wisdom 4/3

    New beginnings…Life never stays the same..is always changing…sometimes into good and sometimes into bad things. My hubby started a new job today which is a good thing. However by taking a pay cut this will mean that we will struggle for a while at least…From now on I will always drop my daughter to nursery (the hard part) and my hubby will pick her up(the nice part). I quite like these New Beginnings Quotes and I hope you do: “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”~Goethe~ “People become really quite remarkable when they startthinking that they can do things. When…

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    Sunday Funny

    My first post for #SunFun and I am doing so late in the day. I apologise. We we’ve been out but I really wanted to do my bit today. So here is my entry: Of course this is something I found on the Internet but I find it quite funny as we both, my hubby and I, use twitter quite a lot. Me more than him. Hope you like it. This week #sunfun is hosted over at Actually Mummy. Go over and check some more funny entries.

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    Poop,rude people and family time!!!

    I had quite a weird day. Woke up in quite a good mood but it change as soon as i stepped out outside. My belly started hurting because of the cold weather and i almost turn around and go back home and call in sick but..i am a conscious employee and despite the fact that i wasn’t feeling extraordinary i continued my journey to work… And then… Well nothing that was suppose to happen at work today did. The shipment i was expecting in the morning arrived in the afternoon at our warehouse so unfortunately i was unable to meet my deadline and so on…one of my colleagues despite the…

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    Time in two

    Tonight daddy is working late so my daughter and I had the opportunity to spend time together. I mean just the two of us. You see she is “daddy’s girl” and she loves spending time with daddy. I usually get a quick cuddle when i get back from work and a big one only and only when she is really ill. I think all the kids prefer to spend time with their mothers when they are ill. So tonight we cooked together and cuddle while watching Peppa Pig. It was really nice. Always make sure you spend time with your children. Here is my quote for the day: “To be…